English – How To Polish Your English Speaking Before Studying Abroad?

English – How To Polish Your English Speaking Before Studying Abroad?

English language is the most extensively spoken language in the world. Most languages have differentiation between formal and informal, which you need to take care of while communicating with people. If you plan to study abroad, you need to learn the  language fluently before applying for the course. The more familiar you are with the language, it will be easier for you to live and study abroad.
Enrolling in university  you need fluency in reading, speaking, writing, and listening. Therefore, apart from the school mark sheets for non-native speaking countries, major international universities’ main academic requirements are  proficiency exam results such as IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC, including the four components — reading, speaking, writing, and listening.
If you are one of those students who find learning and studying in English difficult and tend to mix your native language in between the conversation, or the English language is restricted for your academics only while in school, the following tips will help you to polish your English speaking.

Being able to speak, opens up numerous possibilities globally and gives you broader access to knowledge. The only best way to master English speaking is by practicing every day. Learning  shouldn’t be a burden; there are many ways to enjoy learning.

Learn online free speaking

With the evolving technology, there are many ways to polish your language without spending a dime. Take the liberty of free online classes. Whether you are a beginner or learning new phrases, you need a dedicated time to learn online every day.

Read Newspaper

Plunge yourself in English language newspapers and books. Newspapers will help you keep up to date with current happenings, and news sources help you expand your vocabulary.

Read books

While in the beginning, reading a book might be boring. To learn, you need to pick a book that helps you boost your personality development and self-improvement and remember the flow. You will not only see changes in yourself by reading it, but it will also improve your command over the language.

Practicing in front of the mirror

Talking to yourself in the mirror is a technique to build confidence because it engages our subconscious mind to be more confident and look strong. Start doing it twice a day. Make it a habit. Record yourself more often to see the difference.

Watch English series/movies with subtitle

Watching series/movies on Netflix or other streaming services will improve your language skills, but it will help you better understand the language. Also, the added benefit is you will be able to pick out many different words.

Listen to English songs and try to memorize the lyrics

Besides watching movies/series and reading newspapers/books, listening to English music while reading and memorizing the lyrics will help you learn the language.

Take part in an online free English test practice

At the end of every week, take part in online free test practice to see your growth.
Top five sites for free English practice test — Exam English, Efset, ESL, Language Level, and Oxford Online English.

Lean on the go! On the bus, waiting for the takeaway, waiting on log signal, etc. Use your spare time to brush your language skill. There are numerous apps to learn English on the App Store and Google Play. Check out the Busuu app.

Learning a language can be intriguing though it can be tricky. There is no better time to polish your  language than when you are preparing to study abroad. According to Oxford Royale Academy, 60 out of 196 countries have English as their official language.
Nobody can know everything in any language. Even the dictionary adds around 1000 words per year. Once you learn basic level and grammar, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to know more. Don’t feel bad when you get a low score at first while doing an online test. By practicing every day, you can improvise the learning. Maintaining a journal might be an added resource to help you in the polish English language.

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