Internship in the UK for Indian Students: How to Find Paid Internships in the UK for International Students?

Internship in the UK for Indian Students: How to Find Paid Internships in the UK for International Students?

As part of a higher education course, an internship allows students to utilize their skills in a professional setting. Internships are also remunerated or unpaid, depending on the situation.

In most cases, internships turn into full-time jobs when an employer is pleased with an intern’s performance. Major time internship is a mandatory part of many academic programs ensuring that students are exposed to the industry and ready to take on full-time job responsibility.

Unsurprisingly, the university rankings in the United Kingdom are among the top ten globally. UK law requires interns to earn a minimum wage. Students and recent graduates can stand out from the competition by participating in an internship in the UK. Furthermore, as the world’s sixth-largest economy, the UK is becoming an increasingly favored destination among students looking for internships abroad.

International students can find internships in the UK through the following websites or organizations:


With the support of the UK council, on GOV.UK, students can find various internships, apprenticeships, and many other employment opportunities.


The Milkround job search engine is a popular one among students in the UK. Students can enhance their professional image by using Milkround’s resume, CV templates, cover letters, and job applications. In addition, Milkround is a must-use platform for beginners interested in internships.

Student Circus

As a member of the Student Circus group, you will receive tremendous support from companies based in the UK. This will result in better job offers. Additionally, many of these employers provide work visa sponsorships for UK graduates, allowing them to land internships outside of the country before even arriving.

Rate My Placement

Hundreds of UK employers can see your portfolio and experience using this easy filter website. Additionally, Rate My Placement also offers a variety of perks, including employer reviews, company credentials, and advice pages.

Target Jobs?

There is no better website in the UK for graduate recruitment than targetjobs. Over 1 million students trust targetjobs to help them find internships and graduate jobs through a combination of career advice, industry experts and peer-to-peer reviews.


It is the best platform to find internships, part-time jobs, and short-term vacancies during summer or holidays.

LinkedIn Groups

Professional networking and career advancement are the primary purposes of LinkedIn. Several internships are posted regularly on LinkedIn through various groups and pages. If you’re interested in interning in the UK, you can search for them using the keyword “Internship in the UK.”

University Placement Cell

Contact the placement cell to find out about internship opportunities at your university. You can also get other suggestions of potential resources from them.

Students holding long-term student visas are allowed the maximum amount of work permitted is 20 hours per week. The student may work for no more than 20 hours in any given week, including paid and unpaid work.

Criteria for students who are applying for internships without studying in a UK university:

Students visiting the UK for an internship must have a Tier 5 visa — Temporary work GAE (Government Authorized Exchange) visa designed for international graduate students interested in the internship program. The student should be between 18 to 35 years old and have a strong academic background and CV. In addition, the student is required to have a certificate of proficiency in English.

Other popular sectors include medical, tourism & hospitality, architecture, art & culture, and fashion

There are a number of large international corporations with headquarters in the UK, which has long been a major business hub connecting east and west. Finance, accounting, economics, and marketing are common areas of employment for interns with international companies or local British companies

 With almost major industries shifting to hybrid and making more presence online, it’s an exciting time to study and work in the communications field in the UK as it is constantly growing, and there is no way it will ever cease. Several internship opportunities exist with public relations firms, advertising agencies, social media creators, and many more

Information Technology sector has constantly evolving; thus, many companies are looking for interns to work in AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Science and Analysis, Blockchain Engineer, DevOps Engineer, UI/UX designer, Mobile Application Developer, Cloud Engineer, and many others.

It is ideal for major students to apply for the internship during their college or university study in the UK; however, if you are an Indian student wishing to do an internship in the UK, you should apply at least 12 weeks before you start your internship.
Note: With the current UK visa scenario — The UK Visa and Immigration Agency (UKVI) continues to prioritize applications for Ukraine visa schemes; applying 16–20 weeks before your arrival is highly recommended.

One can visit the UK with the Standard Visitor visa for tourism, business, study (courses up to 6 months), and other permitted activities. However, it is strictly prohibited to participate in any kind of job or internship program for Standard Visitor Visa holders.

Students who do internships during their college years benefit enormously in several ways, including the ability to develop both technical and soft skills.

Industry connections are highly critical to a student in today’s business world. Thus, the internship aims to bridge the gap between education and work, and to prepare you for the real world.

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