How to Choose the Best Overseas Education Consultant?

How to Choose the Best Overseas Education Consultant?

Many young minds are choosing to study abroad for various reasons, such as gaining a global mindset, learning new skills, an opportunity to discover new techniques, gaining more excellent knowledge of diverse other cultures, and many more.

Every year students strive to study abroad. However, studying abroad is not an easy path to take as there are many things to take care of, right from choosing the right college/university to fees, living expenses, culture, and many more. Hence, it is crucial to choose the right education consultants to assist the student’s study abroad journey and guide them through the right path.

As the demand for overseas education increases every year, the market is full of overseas education consultants. Unfortunately, fraudulent overseas education consultancies and fake agents proclaimed as particular college/university sponsors exist. Therefore, students need to approach the right overseas education consultants before preparing to study overseas.

Choosing a consultant on the three factors is vital — legitimate, experienced, and friendly. Here are the seven vital factors to consider while choosing the right consultant for your overseas education journey:

Two of the significant factors to consider while choosing the overseas education consultancy are the years of experience they have and their area of expertise. The more years and experience they have; it establishes their work as an education consultant and student satisfaction.

The consultant team at the overseas education consultancy should have extensive knowledge about the courses, college/university, and foreign immigration study laws. In addition, they should have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.

An overseas education consultancy should have at least four to six years of experience in the foreign education industry. In addition, the consultancy must have a legitimate record of successful students placed in their aspiring colleges or universities abroad.

Global Colliance was established in 2008 and had a team of experts who have 10+ years of experience in Foreign Education. Global Colliance offers courses at over 400+ Colleges and Universities across Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, Germany, France, and New Zealand. As a result, we have a success ratio of 99%, fulfilling the goal of Indian students to study abroad.

The second important factor to consider while choosing overseas education consultants is their accreditation — a license to prove that the consultancy is authorized and has the necessary legal affiliations with the colleges/universities they refer to. Accreditation ensures that the services consultancy is offering are genuine.

Global Colliance has tie up with over 400+ colleges and universities and holds accreditations such as British Council, TOEFL, Pearson, ISANA, ICEF, and ISANA.

It is essential to choose an overseas education consultancy that offers complete services such as:

Comprehensive Counselling

Identify Course, Country, College/University

Coaching & clearing Pre-requisites

End-to-end support from Application till Visa process

Financial Aid

Visa Assistance

Pre-Departure & Post-Landing services

There are plenty of colleges/universities abroad that offer various programs under one roof. However, choosing one right college/university among a wide-spread list is a huge task. Therefore, choose the overseas education consultancy that understands your needs and assists you in picking the course in a college/university that is best for you and fits in a budget.

We at Global Colliance understand that every student has different needs, goals, and budgets. Therefore, we offer tailor-made study abroad services to cater to diverse students.

Overseas education consultancy is a business like any other. It does cost money to keep the consultancy running with industry expert teams under one roof. The fees may differ from one consultancy to the other. It is essential to know that the consultancy service fees they asked for should be the worth of their services. More importantly, the success rate of the students should be higher.

Some study abroad consultancy offers free services to attract more students. However, they might have hidden costs that are not noticeable at first; apparently, later, they can charge for the study material prices, securing student visa service fees, foreign education loans, insurance, and many more. Therefore, it is good to analyze a consultant’s pricing structure before seeking assistance thoroughly.

We at Global Colliance ensure the services we offer are worth the student’s time and money.

Before choosing an overseas education consultancy, it is essential to do good research about them and not trust them only solely based on their claims in their marketing. You can go through their reviews, contact the previous students, and talk with their parents or guardians. Thorough research about the consultancy is essential before choosing them.

Overseas admission in colleges/universities is based on the student’s education performance and test results. Therefore, any overseas education consultants who propose an unethical or unlawful way of securing admission to a college/university should not be trusted and reported immediately.

Global Colliance has a highest performance record with 100+ five stars votes on social media. In addition, on request, we connect the students and their parents to our previous students who are currently studying abroad.

Transparency is vital for any brand, including the overseas education consultant. The study abroad process takes time, and there is a lengthy procedure to secure admission. In addition, one must have followed certain rules and regulations. Throughout the study abroad procedure, the overseas education consultant you choose should have transparency about everything that includes the admission process, fees, extra service charges, the consultancy services. The consultancy team should not make any promises without having a confirmation.

The consultancy that says that they guarantee the admission or scholarship even with the average performances of the students should not be trusted as the students track academic results and performances are the significant factors. Furthermore, one should investigate the colleges/universities’ requirements, terms, and conditions for a clear understanding.

Studying abroad financial expenditure can be overwhelming, but eventually, it is a lifetime knowledge investment. Studying abroad can be challenging and intensive, but you get an opportunity to learn, which will change your life for good. However, to make it successful, one needs to be mindful and choose the right overseas education consultants to make the entire study abroad process a pleasant experience.

We at Global Colliance ensure assisting students in choosing the best-fit courses and college/universities. We understand the complexities of the student’s visa application process and stay up to date with the country-wise regulations.

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