German Blocked Account: Everything You Need to Know About Opening a Blocked Account in Germany

German Blocked Account: Everything You Need to Know About Opening a Blocked Account in Germany

German student visas and study residence permits require proof of financial resources; hence blocked account is important. Keep in mind that not all authorities accept the same accounts, such as Deutsche Bank no longer offers blocked accounts.

One must understand the elements needed to get your visa as an international student in Germany. When applying for a student visa, one of the first pieces of information you will receive from the embassy is about the blocked account, which is a mandatory requirement for the visa to be approved. If you are an international student from outside the EU or EEA, you must show that you can afford your living expenses in Germany.

As a student in the country, you need a blocked account to prove your financial stability. Many factors influence its creation and adaptability, which you will be able to understand in the following sections.

German blocked accounts are used for international students to demonstrate to the German state that they are financially capable of living and studying in Germany for a determined period of time. It is generally required in student visa or student resident permit applications.

This clause targets people in Germany who are not stable and sufficient income earners. As a student, you will not soon have a remunerative source of employment. Even if you did, you would still have to go through this process because usually, your work cycle starts with you already present in the country.

However, if you have a country resident who agrees to be your beneficiary, you will be exempt from creating the blocked account.

As mentioned above, some factors and characteristics of this account are crucial to the candidate’s understanding. Following the deposit, the money can only be withdrawn when the account holder arrives in Germany.

It is also critical to note that only a certain amount is withdrawable per month. The embassy requires a total deposit of Euro 10,332, which only allows holders to withdraw €861 per month, as established in early 2021.

Some providers allow you to open an account quickly using their website, enabling the deposit of funds in various currencies and delivering confirmation letters rapidly. However, there are also the traditional providers, to which you’ll have to send your documents in a physical form (which usually takes over a week or so), and you can only make your deposit in Euro currency.

Generally affordable provider; advanced opening process; flexible money transfers in main currencies; easy activation in Germany; a comprehensive and well-equipped platform for effective use.

 Not available for students under 18 years.

With no monthly fees, it is among the cheapest in Germany. It is also easy to open and activate.

The platform and technology in this provider are not as advanced compared to the others; there is also the fact that it lacks a smooth self-service and other additional offerings.

Advanced opening process; flexible transfers in various local currencies; easy activation process in Germany; It also has a well-equipped platform.

 Most expensive provider; unmanageable transfers for some nationalities; complicated activation process for some nationalities.

The following two methods can be used to transfer funds to your blocked German account:

The process can be done in person and/or online. To do so, you must provide the following information:

Using your bank as an international transfer method can be a tad expensive. It depends on many factors.

It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for the money to be transferred, but it can take longer in particular cases. Notwithstanding, as soon as the money enters your blocked account, you will receive a confirmation.

Companies such as PayPal, Wise, and MoneyGram, amongst others, tend to be cheaper than traditional banks.

Once you’ve settled yourself at a registered address in Germany, you can withdraw money from your blocked account. Despite this, you can only withdraw your money once you open an international student account in Germany, which will transfer the money every month to your blocked account.

A blocked account is required for those non-EU citizens moving to Germany on a student or job-seeker visa without a scholarship or sponsorship certificate. A blocked account is unnecessary if you visit Germany as a tourist. In Germany, you should apply for a checking account instead of a blocked account if you have a work visa or Blue Card.

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