Exploring Study Abroad Options: Arts and Humanities Programs

Online or offline studies. Which one is better and why?

There is a huge craze for studying abroad among Indian students. The easy availability of finance from banks and easy visa conditions by foreign nations have made the process much smoother. Studying abroad gives you great exposure and experience of diverse cultures.

And when it comes to Arts and Humanities Programs then studying abroad can be a very good decision. More than 100 institutions offer various undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate courses in Arts and Humanities.

In this article, we will study in detail about study abroad options for Arts and Humanities Programs, top destinations, scholarship options, visa process etc.

Why Choose Arts and Humanities Study Abroad?

Arts and humanities are about people, culture, language, societies, history and lots more. It’s full of experiences and creativity. If you study Arts and Humanities in a foreign country, it will give you great opportunities to explore creativity, ideas and people.

You will connect with students from different countries of the world. These students have different cultures and lifestyles. You have to learn about them and this will develop different forms of opinion. You will learn many languages, explore different cultures and create valuable connections. There are various study abroad programs available for Arts and Humanities. Here is a list of some of the top Arts and Humanities study abroad programs.
  • Social Science and Studies
  • Political Science
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Cultural Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Public Administration
  • Humanities and General Studies
  • Ethnic and Gender Studies
  • Language Studies
Here are some of the best universities offering these courses :-
  • Oxford University, UK
  • Yale University, USA
  • Sorbonne University, France
  • University of Tokyo, Japan
  • New York University, USA
  • Harvard University, USA
  • University College of London Europe

Top Destinations for Arts and Humanities Students

Students often get confused in choosing a country for abroad studies. This happens due to a lot of options available. But certain study abroad destinations are quite popular among students of Arts and Humanities.  
  1. Paris, France
  2. Tokyo, Japan
  3. Florence, Italy
  4. Berlin Germany

Paris, France :

If you like artistic vibes then Paris city of France can be the destination for you. It is popularly known as the cultural capital of the world. It has great opportunities in the fields of humanities and arts. From museums and theatres to art galleries, you will explore here a lot of things.

Tokyo, Japan: -

Japan is the perfect place for students who love a blend of innovation and tradition. Here you can explore calligraphy, various tea ceremonies and art galleries.

Florence, Italy : -

Florence is for art and history lovers. Great works of artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli can be found here. The city too has a rich culture to explore.

Berlin, Germany : -

Berlin is very popular for its contemporary art and rich history. Students would love to visit various museums like the East Side Gallery, Bauhaus Archive etc.

Selecting the Right Arts and Humanities Program

When it comes to study abroad program selection, it’s not an easy task. There are various programs available in Art and Humanities in different countries of the world. Choosing the perfect one for you will help you to excel in academics as well as enhance your entire experience in a foreign country. Here are certain things you need to ensure while making the study abroad program selection in Arts and Humanities.

Think about Your Interests

There are varied areas to make a career in Arts and Humanities. Like literature, performing arts, history, philosophy etc. Think about your interests and passion. Try to align it with the course. Choose the program or course that fulfils your passion.

Research about the Faculty

The faculty of the program is very important for your academics. Hence do proper research about them before opting for any course. Try to research their qualification, experience, teaching style etc.

Analyse the Program Structure

You need to assess the program you want to opt for. Go through its curriculum, internship opportunities, study tours etc. It’s better to opt for a program that offers you a mix of theoretical knowledge as well as practical exposure.

Assess the Facilities

You need to enquire about the resources and facilities provided by the institution/university for the program. Check if they give access to libraries, sports rooms, studios etc.

Scholarships for Arts and Humanities Students

Foreign education in Arts and Humanities requires huge finance. The currency differences make it very costly. But students need not to worry about the same. As there are various Study abroad scholarships available for them. These scholarships provide financial assistance to writers, artists, historians, philosophers etc and allow them to focus on their education.

Let’s go through some of the study abroad scholarships available for Arts and Humanities Students

Essay based Scholarships

Essay-based scholarships are amongst the most popular ones. Here you need to write a short statement. You can share your personal goals or experience. Try to be as unique as possible. This will increase your probability of getting a scholarship.

Institute Specific Scholarships

Certain scholarships are specifically for humanities and arts students. It is provided by the arts and humanities department of the university/college. For example, the scholarship program by the Division of Arts and Humanities supports undergraduate research and creative projects. For these scholarships, students need to submit a project narrative, personal statement, timeline, CV and a support letter from a faculty.

External Scholarships

There are certain external scholarships also available for students of arts and humanities. Some of the popular ones are the Agnes F. Vaghi Scholarship Fund, Bill Mcknight Legacy Scholarship etc.

Cultural Immersion and Language Learning

Cultural immersion abroad has an important role in the aspects of language learning for study abroad students in arts and humanities. Diving into local culture is not just about classrooms and books, it is about experiencing the language in the real world.

Studying a foreign language is not limited to memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules. But you need to immerse in local culture to have real application. You learn the language in the classroom. But you get to apply it while exploring the streets and markets of the country abroad. Here you interact with local people in their language. This is what cultural immersion abroad is.

Through these conversations, students will learn new words and phrases. They will also be able to grasp the nuances of pronunciation, and body language which are crucial parts of effective communication.

In addition to this cultural immersion also allows you to have a deeper understanding of the country’s traditions and history. By visiting museums, cultural landmarks and historical sites, students come to know about the rich heritage of the country they are studying in.

In humanities, you are not just studying facts but you are getting a chance to explore stories, music and art. All these things define culture. Listening to songs and seeing a painting of the local culture takes you to a different level of understanding.

Navigating Visa and Travel Requirements

Navigating through Visa and Travel requirements may sound a bit tough and lengthy process. But don’t worry Global colliance is there to help you. We take care of that and make your experience of studying abroad very smooth.

Study abroad visa requirements for arts and humanities students varies from country to country. Students first need to research a bit on visa requirements. They shall keep the documents ready which are required for the visa application process. This includes an acceptance letter, proof of finance, Passport etc.

Apart from visas, students must also know about the travel guidelines. The arts and humanitarian students often need to have field trips, internships, performances etc. This can be in the host country or outside the host country. Proper information shall be gathered for the same. We at Global Colliance will also guide you to understand the same. Global Colliance is a study abroad education consultant having numerous branches in India. 

Success Stories: Arts and Humanities Alumni

Education in Arts and Humanities is full of creativity and exploration. And when you take this education in a foreign nation you enhance your skill and become an inspiration for others.

Global colliance, a leading foreign education counsellor is always there to secure your admission abroad in Arts and Humanities students. Here are some of the recent Study abroad success stories of Global colliance alumni.

  • Abeer Ahamad got admission in the Jan 23 batch at Algonquin College in Canada. Due to interest in hair styling, he opted for the program Early Childhood and Hairstylist. This will help him to make his career in hair styling.
  • Abhishek Rathee got admission in the May 23 batch of Niagara College in Canada. Due to interest in travel and tourism, he opted for a Program in Hospitality and Tourism Management.
  • Garvit Seth has a passion for luxurious hotels and resorts. We figured out his interest and guided him accordingly. He secured admission at Lambton College in Canada for the Hotel and Resort Management program in the batch of Sep 23.

Tips for a Memorable Arts and Humanities Journey

Before you go abroad to study Arts and Humanities here are a few study abroad tips that will help you to make your education journey memorable: –

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

Don’t just limit yourself to books and classes. Get immersed in the local culture. Visit museums, events and historic sites. Interact with the community and get the best from the moment.

Create a Network

Building a good network becomes very important when you are studying abroad. Connect with other students, professors and local artists. This will broaden your perspectives. Also, at any point in time, you can get new learning opportunities.

Record Your Journey

The study abroad journey is once in a lifetime opportunity. Make it a memorable one. Record your journey. Write about your experiences in a blog, take photographs and create something artistic from your experiences. Documenting the journey will make you remember the experiences and also enhance your personal growth.

Learn the Local Language

Learning the local language will enhance your experience. You will be able to interact with locals and also be able to understand local culture in a better manner.


Studying abroad Arts and Humanities program will give you great exposure. It will graduate you with a degree and will develop you as a person. You will gain exposure to various cultures and gain global perspectives. You will also enhance your creativity.

By choosing the right program and taking advantage of scholarship you can make a memorable journey of studying academics abroad. If you are planning to study abroad then you can connect with Global Colliance. It is a leading overseas consultant. Our team of experienced education counsellors will be happy to help you. 

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