MBA Abroad: Top Business Schools for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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In this new age of startups, there are more entrepreneurs than ever before in the history of mankind. India has been ranked as the 3rd largest ecosystem for startups. This is due to government support and the population advantage. 

There will be more entrepreneurs in the future. In order to enhance your skills as an entrepreneur you can go for an MBA degree. And an MBA done in foreign country can enhance your skills and give you a great network.

In this blog, we will have a detailed understanding of the MBA abroad. We will try to understand the reasons for pursuing an MBA abroad, the process of selecting the right business school, financing options etc.

Why Pursue an MBA Abroad for Entrepreneurship

Pursuing an MBA in itself is a very thrilling and challenging journey.  It not only demands creativity and vision but also needs a good understanding of the dynamic global business landscape. So, when you pursue an MBA abroad for entrepreneurship it gives you a transformative experience that is far beyond just the traditional experience. Here are some of the top reasons why pursuing an MBA abroad is beneficial for entrepreneurship:

  1. Global Perspective and Networking

    This is one of the important reasons to pursue an MBA abroad for entrepreneurship. Global MBA colleges attract students from all over the world. They carry with them different cultures and backgrounds which help you to develop different perspectives of life.

  2.  Experienced Faculty

    Top Schools in foreign nations have faculties with rich experience in entrepreneurship and also have good connections with industry leaders. This can help students to gain real-world insights. In addition to this there also occurs guest lectures, networking events and workshops hosted in these institutes which help students gain mentorship of influential figures of the business world.

  3. Innovation Hubs and Ecosystems

    Majority of top B-schools are located near innovation hubs and entrepreneurial ecosystems. This provides great opportunities to connect with startups, venture capitalists and industry disruptors. This helps in developing the entrepreneurial mindset and risk-taking ability.

  4. Cross-Cultural Communication

    In an MBA abroad individuals need to adjust themselves to different communication styles, work ethics and business practices. If you are able to adapt to cultural differences then it is very beneficial in your entrepreneurship journey.

Selecting the Right Business School for Your Goals

Right Business School selection plays a very important role in your entrepreneurial journey. You can consider certain factors like faculty expertise, program curriculum, alumni success stories, and the overall reputation of the college. Apart from this, also research a bit about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the location of the B-School. This will help you in getting the best network opportunities and potential investors.

It is very necessary to consider if the chosen B-school aligns with your goals or not. There are certain institutes which focus on specific industries and even have strong tie-ups with particular regions. This will help aspiring entrepreneurs get the support they need.

Top MBA Programs for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Pursuing an MBA from a top-tier Business school can provide budding entrepreneurs with the required tools to understand the complexities of the business. Some of the MBA programs for entrepreneurs are listed below:-

  1. Stanford Graduate School of Business (Stanford GSB)

    Based in Silicon Valley, Standford (GSB) is a renowned for its entrepreneurship focus. Moreover as it is near to the world’s tech hub, it becomes easy to get enormous network opportunities.
  2. Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

    Wharton School is known for its rigorous curriculum and offers a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship. Various workshops and programs initiated by the school give students opportunities to refine their business ideas and connect with potential investors.
  3. Harvard Business School

    Harvard Business School follows the method of case-study which hones the decision-making skill in students. The school’s alumni network consists of various successful entrepreneurs. This helps students to turn their ideas into a viable business.
  4. MIT Sloan School of Management

    MIT Sloan focuses a lot on innovation and technology. This can be an ideal choice for students who want to build a business in the tech and engineering fields. Its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem provides students with business and technical expertise.
  5. London School of Business (LBS)

    London is a global business hub. London School Business located here in London is a top choice for MBA program. The school has good connections in the world of finance. This can benefit those who want to start fintech in near future.

Application Process and Requirements for MBA Abroad

The MBA abroad application process is a very important part of your entrepreneurship journey. Every school has their own set of requirements. Here are few steps you need to secure the admission.

  1. Research Programs and Specializations

    Firstly, you need to conduct proper research about the programs and specializations. Determine the programs that align with your entrepreneurial goals.
  2. Prepare for Tests

    You need to appear for tests like GMAT, GRE, IELTS, etc. Start preparing for the same to showcase your aptitude.
  3. Create a Compelling Personal Statement

    Write a personal statement that conveys your passion for entrepreneurship and how it aligns with your career goals..
  4.  Get Letters of Recommendation

    Get letters of recommendation from People who know you and can speak for your qualifications. This letter shall highlight your leadership skills.
  5. Show Your Work Experience

    If you have been in any leadership role in past then showcase this. Business schools consider this a lot.
  6. Don’t Miss Deadlines

    Submit all your documents before the deadline. Missing deadlines can impact your application.

Financing Your MBA Abroad: Scholarships and Funding

MBA abroad is a very costly education. It can easily cost you between ₹15 lakhs to ₹25 lakhs. But this investment is worth considering its long-term benefits. Scholarships and funding options are available to help you.

There are special MBA abroad scholarships offered by renowned business schools on the basis of your academics and professional achievements. Apart from scholarships, there are also various funding options available for prospective MBA students.

Banks and NBFCs offer education loans on easy terms and conditions which can be easily paid. Many MBA courses in some countries also offer assistantships. Here you work part-time on campus in roles that relate to your course. This provides you with income as well as work experience.

Networking Opportunities for Future Entrepreneurs

Networking is very important for entrepreneurs and an MBA course abroad helps you in creating a great network. MBA networking for entrepreneurs works like magic and helps you a lot to get new opportunities.

Don’t just be a bookworm during your MBA days. Focus on networking also. Attend networking events organised by education schools, associations, and local communities. Through this you can connect with like-minded people.

Get in touch with the Alumni network of your B-School. They will offer you the required guidance and support. Collaborate with peers on various projects. This leads to creation meaningful connections.

Entrepreneurial Resources and Support at Business Schools

To get the best out of MBA go beyond traditional classrooms. Some colleges provide you with an ecosystem of resources. The MBA entrepreneurial resources help students to convert their business ideas into reality.

Many business schools nowadays offer incubators and accelerators that focus on entrepreneurial ventures. They provide workspace, mentorship, and a network of experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

Apart from this business schools also organise events, competitions, and pitch sessions to encourage students. This type of activity helps students to reveal their ideas and get feedback from investors and industrial experts.

Success Stories: MBA Entrepreneurs Who Made It Abroad

The real-world success stories of MBA entrepreneurs serve as a great example of the potential of business education. Here are some of the examples of Successful MBA entrepreneurs.

  1. Sarah Kim

    Sarah Kim is an MBA graduate who co-founded a tech startup in Silicon Valley. She utilised the knowledge gained during MBA and detected the market trends. This helped her to develop technologies.
  2. Sundar Pichai

    Sundar Pichai did his MBA from Standford GSB. He holds the position of CEO at Google and Alphabet. His power of MBA can be reflected in his career journey from leading product management at Google to becoming the CEO of the company.
  3.  Elon Musk

    Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla and SpaceX had brief attendance at Wharton School before starting his entrepreneurship. His innovative approach has reshaped so many industries.
  4.  John Chen

    John Chen is an MBA graduate who co-founded a fintech startup that revolutionized financial transactions. His entrepreneurial success reveals how MBA graduates can bring change in the world.


The journey of an MBA abroad is a great transformative experience which can set the stage for a successful career in business. The MBA abroad is an investment in building a global network, getting access to valuable resources, and developing skills to become an entrepreneur.

You need to be very careful in selecting the right B-school. An aspiring entrepreneur shall take into consideration factors like faculty expertise, program curriculum, and success stories. By doing an MBA abroad you don’t just get a degree, but it will embark you with knowledge, skills and network to succeed in your entrepreneurship.

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