Cost of Studying in Germany for Indian Students

Cost of Studying in Germany for Indian Students

Studying abroad in a foreign destination is an important decision in a student’s life and requires careful consideration of various aspects. Germany has become a quite popular study-abroad destination among Indian students. The country provides quality education and is popular for academic excellence. But still, many students may have questions regarding the cost of studying in Germany.

We need to understand the financial aspects of studies in Germany. In the finances involved in studying abroad in Germany, the first thing involved is Germany university tuition fees. This has a major influence on the student’s decision to study abroad. Germany has many public universities which offer free education and don’t charge any tuition fees.

Tuition fees are waived at public universities but at the same time, students need to pay a small amount of administrative fees. These fees amount to a few hundred euros per semester. The specialized programs and programs at private universities do have fees. But still, this is less compared to other nations.

The cost of living also needs to be considered by Indian students planning to study in Germany. This includes expenses related to accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance and miscellaneous expenses. Cities like Berlin and Munich have higher expenses as compared to small towns in Germany.

There are various scholarships available for Indian students to help them pursue education in Germany. Indian students can explore various scholarship options by the German government, institutions and non-profit organisations.

If Indian students properly understand the cost of study in Germany, then they can successfully complete their education in Germany without any financial burden. In this blog, we will study in detail the cost of studying in Germany for Indian students.

Understanding Undergraduate Tuition Fees in Germany

Germany has been keen on imparting education to people from around the world. Many universities in Germany are offering tuition-free education for undergraduate programs. Due to this many Indian students prefer Germany for studying abroad.

Germany has implemented the concept of tuition-free education as the country believes a lot in equal opportunities for all. Due to this, public universities in Germany don’t charge tuition fees for undergraduate programs.

This policy applies to a variety of undergraduate programs which includes fields of natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, engineering and more. The students can even pursue free education in top institutes like the University of Heidelberg, University of Munich etc.

However, students do have to pay a nominal fee for administrative services as well as other services like transportation, sports facilities, students’ organization etc. These fees are quite nominal and range from a few hundred euros per semester.

No doubt the majority of the public universities in Germany offer tuition-free education. But there are certain exceptions to this. Certain federal states in Germany have started charging tuition fees to international students who pursue a second degree. In addition to this, courses offered by private universities also charge tuition fees.

Navigating Postgraduate Tuition Costs in Germany

Germany is not just popular for undergraduate courses but also for post-graduate courses. Many international students including Indian students pursue master’s degrees in various fields in Germany. They need to understand the tuition costs of post graduation in Germany before planning to pursue a master’s in Germany.

Just like undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees are also offered free by many public universities in Germany. Both domestic and international students can be eligible for this. You can pursue tuition-free post-graduation in various fields in Germany. But yes, there will be a nominal cost to cover administrative expenses.

The majority of the postgraduate programs are tuition-free in Germany. But there are certain exceptions to this. There are certain specialized programs offered by private universities. These programs are in the fields of business administration, engineering, management etc. These programs have tuition fees as they have unique offerings and market value.

These tuition fees depend on various factors like program duration, faculty expertise, access to specialised courses etc. Many students feel these tuition fees are justified as they offer career advancement opportunities, networking prospects and specialised knowledge.

Exclusive Scholarships for Indian Students in Germany

There are a lot of scholarships in Germany for Indian students which help them to fulfil their dream to pursue higher education abroad. Germany has emerged as the favourite destination for international students which includes Indian students also. The country provides some exclusive scholarships for Indian students which strengthens the relationship between both nations. 

One of the most popular scholarships for Indian students is the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship. The DAAD provides scholarships for different disciplines and academic levels. These scholarships will include your living expenses, tuition fees, travel costs etc. The DAAD scholarships are very competitive and emphasize academics and achievements while selection.

Apart from this, there are many other scholarships by German universities which are in collaboration with government organizations and private institutions. These scholarships aim to promote educational cooperation, cultural exchange and research collaboration between India and Germany. These scholarships provide additional benefits like internships, language courses and networking opportunities.

Many trusts and foundations in Germany offer scholarships to Indian students. These organisations supported talented individuals for their academic pursuits in Germany. Scholarships provided by these foundations target specific fields like technology, engineering, mathematics, social sciences etc.

Certain scholarships encourage diversity and inclusion by targeting underrepresented groups in the Indian student community. These scholarships give preference to applicants who are from marginalised backgrounds, individuals with disabilities etc.

Budgeting Living Expenses: Germany for Indian Students

The cost of study in Germany for Indian students is a big concern for many. Hence budgeting living expenses plays a critical role for Indian students planning to study abroad. Germany has been the most preferred destination among students from all over the globe. This is mainly due to the quality education system, vibrant culture and affordable living costs compared to other European countries. Here is a comprehensive guide on budgeting for Indian students planning to study in Germany.

  1. Accommodation

    A major portion of your living expenses will be spent on accommodation. Students have a variety of accommodation options like shared apartments, university dormitories and private rentals. Start searching for accommodation as soon as possible to get the best deal. .

  2. Utilities 

    Utilities like electricity, internet bill, water bill etc shall also be taken into consideration by students. These costs differ according to your use. There are also chances that some accommodation may include some utilities in rent itself. Get clarification on this while signing the contract.

  3.  Food and Groceries

    Germany has different affordable food options which range from supermarkets to local markets. A monthly grocery budget of a person can be around €150 to €250. This depends on person to person and his/her cooking habits.

  4.  Transportation

    Germany has various transport options which include trams, trains and subways. Students can also get discounted passes every month to transport in the city. Cycling is also one of the most convenient and cost-effective transport modes in Germany.

  5.  Health Insurance

    It’s mandatory to have health insurance for all students in Germany. There are affordable premium options also available which makes premium affordable for students.

Managing Daily Costs: A Guide for Indian Students in Germany

Managing your daily costs is necessary for Indian students studying in Germany. You need to have a proper understanding of German study costs and plan the expenses accordingly. Here is a guide that can help you to navigate the daily expenses efficiently.

  1. Set Budget 

    Firstly, decide your monthly budget based on your income which includes scholarships, part-time earnings or financial support from the family. Allocate certain funds from your income to necessary expenses like food, accommodation, utilities etc.

  2.  Track Expenses 

    Start tracking your monthly expenses. Keep a daily record of where you spend your money. You can take the help of budgeting apps for this. You can cut back those expenses which are not necessary.

  3.  Save at Accommodation 

    There are a lot of housing options available in Germany. Look for cost-effective options like university dormitories and shared apartments. This will save a lot of your expenses.

  4.  Cook at Home

    If you cook meals at home then you can save a lot of your money. Plan your groceries and buy in bulk. You will be able to get this at a cheaper cost.

  5.  Utilize Public Transport 

    Germany has an efficient public transportation system which even offers discount passes to students. Students can opt for monthly or semester tickets for buses, trams, trains and subways. This will save a lot of their expenses on daily expenses.


The cost of studying in Germany for Indian students has various aspects. One needs to take careful consideration of each aspect and do careful planning. Germany has various opportunities for Indian students and that too at very affordable education costs as compared to Western countries. Students shall properly navigate the financial aspect so that they fulfil their dreams without much financial strain.

In this article, we have explained different components of the cost of studying in Germany. This consists of tuition fees, living expenses and additional costs. Indian students shall properly understand these factors which will help them to create a proper realistic budget.

Tuition fees in public universities in Germany are quite lower compared to the US or UK. In fact, the majority of public universities in Germany offer tuition-free education. Living expenses which include accommodation, utilities, food, transportation etc also need to be considered. Students can opt for cost-effective accommodation options to reduce expenses.

Overall cost of studying in Germany for Indian students needs proper consideration and planning. By considering the finances involved properly Indian students can get the best education experience in Germany. If you need any guidance for this then you can also take the help of an education consultant. Global Colliance is one of the best education consultants in Delhi.

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