Study in France: Your Ultimate Guide for Indian Students

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France has been one of the favourite study-abroad destinations among students. And for those students who are planning to study in France from India, it opens doors to a lot of opportunities. France is renowned for its top universities and diverse programs. The country is a global leader in education and has some of the best universities and research institutions in the world.

Whether you want to pursue post-graduate courses or doctorate studies, you have a lot of study options in France as per your career interests. From engineering to humanities all types of courses are offered by France universities.

The Indian students may find the admission process to France universities a bit complex. But with proper planning and guidance, one can secure admission to the preferred course. But before this, it’s necessary that you properly understand the application process, deadlines and required documents. Also, one needs to know that he/she will also have to clear standardised tests like IELTS/TOFEL and French proficiency exams to get admission in France.

Studying in France for Indian students may sound interesting but one important thing that they need to consider is the visa application process. To get admission to any of the universities in France one needs to have a student visa from France. To get this visa Indian students need to fulfil the specific criteria which include proof of enrolment, financial backup proofs and adequate health insurance.

In this article, we will cover different aspects of the educational journey in France which covers everything from the admission process to visa requirements.

Navigating the French Student Visa Process

As an Indian student, if you plan to study in France then the first thing you need to do is plan for a French student visa. The process of a French student visa is a daunting task and it requires a lot of effort. To help you with this we have provided here a step-by-step guide of the French student visa process.

  1. Understanding the Visa Types

    Before you proceed with the application process, you need to understand different visa types. It is necessary to understand different visa types for France study. One of the primary visas preferred by Indian students is the long-stay student visa. This will permit them to stay in France for more than 3 months. This visa is issued for a longer duration of academic purposes.

  2. Preparation and Documentation

    After you have understood the different types of student visas for study in France you need to gather documents. Some of the basic documents required are as under: –

    • Acceptance Letter

    This is a letter of acceptance from a French institution which is accredited by the Ministry of National Education or higher education.

    • Proof of Financial Means

    This includes the evidence of how you are going to cover your tuition fees and living expenses while studying in France.

    • Proof of Accommodation

    This can be a lease agreement or a letter from the host providing your confirmation of accommodation.  

    • Health Insurance 

    A valid health insurance policy for stay duration in France.

    • Passport

    A valid passport should have at least 6 months of validity period.

    • Visa Application Form 

    A completely filled and signed visa application form which can be downloaded from the French Consulate’s website.

    • Academic Transcripts 

    You need to present your academic transcripts and your educational certificates.

    • Language Proficiency 

    Proof of language proficiency in languages like French and English.

  3. Applying for Visa 

    Once you have all the documents you can proceed with the application for a French Visa. For this firstly you need to fill out the online application form available on the website of the French consulate. 

    After this, you can schedule an appointment with the embassy. You will be called for an interview by them. Attend the interview at pre-scheduled timings. At the time of the interview, you need to pay the visa application fee.

  4. Awaiting Visa Approval 

    After submission of the visa application form and attending an interview, you need to wait for visa approval. The process may take some time. Keep tracking the application status using the reference number.

Unlocking Affordability: Study in France

The affordability factor in France study gives Indian students a huge opportunity to get a high-class education without affecting their finances. Here is how Indian students can unlock the affordability and make the study abroad dream a reality.

  1. Tuition Fees

    One of the important aspects that makes study in France for Indian students affordable is the low tuition fees. The majority of the public universities in France offer low tuition fees.

  2. Scholarship and Financial Aid 

    Another aspect that makes studying in France affordable for Indian students is the scholarships. There are a lot of scholarship for Indian students in France which reduces their financial burden. The French Government as well as the private universities offer various types of scholarships based on merit and financial needs.

  3. Cost of Living

    If you plan to study in France then prefer to choose universities which are in smaller cities or towns. Because the cost of living in these small cities or towns is very low as compared to bigger cities. Indian students can reduce their living expenses by opting for student housing, cooking meals at home and using public transportation.

  4. Part-time Work Opportunities 

    France gives international students an option to work part-time during their studies. This helps student to finance their studies and manage their daily expenses while study abroad in France.

Pinnacle of Education: Best French Colleges

French colleges offer a great academic experience for international students because of the top-rated institutions it has. Here is the list of some of the top French colleges which welcome international students.

  1. École Normale Supérieure (ENS), Paris

    ENS Paris is one of the most prestigious institutions and offers courses in various specialisations like humanities, sciences and engineering. The university has been ranked consistently among the top universities of the world.

  2. Sciences Po, Paris

    Sciences Po is one of the renowned institutions in Paris for social sciences programs. The institution is for courses related to political sciences, international relations and public policy studies. The renowned faculty and the strong international network make the institute a top choice for those planning to make a career in politics and diplomacy.

  3. Paris-Saclay University

    Paris-Saclay University is a leading research-oriented institution in France. It has unique research-oriented laboratories and innovative academic programs. The university covers various subjects like science, engineering, business and humanities.

  4. Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris

    UPMC which is now a part of Sorbonne University is well known for science and medicine. It focuses a lot on research and invites applications from international students who have enough academic experience.

  5. HEC Paris

    HEC Paris is one of the world’s top business schools and is popular for MBA and specialised master’s programs. The institute has a strong emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Mastering Success: Language Skills in France

Indian students who are planning to study in France should master the language skills. French is the official language in France so you need to gain fluency in this language for effective communication. In addition to this fluency is also needed for better opportunities in education and career.

Indian students must have a good command of the French language for pursuing higher education in France. France provides facilities for education which includes quality lectures, participation in discussion and completion of assignments.

Many universities have French fluency as an admission criterion. In addition to this mastering in French language also helps you in getting scholarships and participation in exchange programs. In addition to education, French proficiency can also help you to get good employment in the French job market. Many companies in France expect candidates with fluency in French so that they can communicate properly with clients and colleagues.

Language skills also have an important role in social integration and cultural adaptation for Indian students studying in France. The French language proficiency helps them to engage with locals in a more meaningful way.


Studying in France brings a lot of opportunities and experience for Indian students. In this article, we have provided you with enough information about the application process, top institutes, language skills, visa requirements etc. for studying in France

France is a popular destination for Indian students to access world-renowned education. They offer courses in various disciplines and hence provide an environment for growth and development. Students here get an opportunity to engage in various research projects and collaborate with peers from various backgrounds.

Indian students studying in France get a chance to dwell in the culture of France which is filled with great history and heritage. France gives unique cultural experiences that remain undefined. France is a place where you can broaden your horizons and appreciate diverse cultures.

Studying in France also opens various career prospects and gives a lot of opportunities to Indian students. The economy of France is pacing up and the country is focusing a lot on innovation and entrepreneurship. This brings a lot of opportunities for those planning to aspire to their career in France.

Studying in France can bring personal as well as professional growth. If you are planning to go to France for higher studies then Global Colliance can help you in fulfilling your dreams. Global Colliance is the best overseas education consultant in Vadodara. You can connect with them.

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