IELTS is an English language test that can be used for study, migration, or employment. Every year, almost three million people take our test. More than 11,000 employers, universities, institutions, and immigration authorities around the world accept IELTS. As the IELTS test is an important exam, most students face many challenges trying to find free resources online to study. It can be pretty overwhelming to consider all the options for IELTS online study materials and decide which one is the best or trustworthy. We have listed down some valuable resources to help you get started with your IELTS exam preparation to overcome this situation.

1. IELTS Buddy

IELTS Buddy is a fantastic website for IELTS students. It provides model answers to queries for every band and breaks them down to assist you in understanding why each answer receives a specific grade.

It also has free sample questions, grammar lessons, and sample essays to assist you in understanding what’s expected of you in the IELTS exam and revise additional effectively.

2. The British Council

The British Council website includes a vast choice of resources for college students learning English.

There are videos from past IELTS students who scored high marks on the test, giving ideas and recommendations on preparing. There are many online games to assist you in learning new vocabulary and grammar in a fun and interactive way. Podcasts and magazines are provided for English learners, and even an entire section is geared toward people learning English for work reasons.

3. EngVid

This website provides many free videos to assist you in improving your English vocabulary and grammar.

Many units consist of videos explaining tough topics like idioms and even advanced subjects like characteristics between totally different accents. It’s a wonderful resource, particularly for getting accustomed to the sounds of recent words and ensuring you get the pronunciation right.

4. Fastrack IELTS

This YouTube channel belongs to Asiya; a practised and experienced IELTS teacher in the United Kingdom who has created dozens of fantastic videos for IELTS students.

Each video focuses on the abilities you’ll get to answer the IELTS examination as the co-founder of Fastrack Asiya has learned a great deal about tackling the IELTS exam. The YouTube channel helps in achieving your goal as well as teaching over 10 thousand students online.

5. IELTS Material

The IELTS Material website provides free resources and online study materials. The material is segregated into four modules, i.e. Reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The website even provides free e-books for improving your English and grammar skills,

6. Discover other valuable resources for your IELTS exam preparation

You can continuously improve your scores by listening to TED talks, videos of people pitching for themselves. -Listening to TED talks will help improve your listening skills too.

– Take a break from your grammar books and watch English TV shows that will help improve your English vocabulary. “The Crown” and “Downtown Abbey” are two great examples of TV shows, while advanced English learners will enjoy “Misfits” for the different variety of British accents.

– When it comes to Reading, try out financial press like “Wall Street Journal” or “Financial Times”, which will help expand your vocabulary for the IELTS exam.

Final Thoughts

The IELTS exam is easy to crack, provided you have done proper research to select the effective study material and professional guidance from expert mentors.

You can start with recommended free IELTS resources available online and later join a professional training institute for real-time experiences, such as writing mock tests and competing with other aspirants.

There are professional companies that provide complete assistance in IELTS exam preparation, college application, and immigration. At Global Colliance, there is a free consultation that will help you understand the entire journey and process of studying for IELTS exam

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