We all have different reasons to travel. Some explore the places because they find it soothing, some travel. After all, there is a whole world out there, and it has infinite unknowns. You either could read about the wonder of the world online, or you can go and see it by yourself. The more you explore the places, the more you will learn more about yourself along the way. Travel challenged you to be wiser and more open to numerous opportunities.

For many students, the prospect of studying overseas is both exciting and distressing. However, the students are not sure how they will adapt to the brand new culture, grow as a person, adapt to their lifestyle, and many more. Even though they are distressed, they are excited to travel nearby because it is an excellent opportunity to explore the different world they might not have otherwise visited.

Canada is one of the most favourite countries students pick up for a study abroad. Apart from offering excellent education, Canada is the second-largest nation offering natural life spotting, beautiful nightlife, mouth-watering delicacies, and many more.

These top 5 places you should visit while you are studying in Canada

1. Toronto — the financial, entertainment, education, and cultural capital of Canada.

Canada’s capital is Ottawa, but Toronto is the central hub when it comes to finances, entertainment, education, and culture. There are major attractions in Toronto which every student should visit. CN Tower (the skyline’s imposing centrepiece), the Royal Ontario Museum, Niagara Falls, St. Lawrence Market, Korea-town, Chinatown, weekend hop to Toronto Island, Black Creek Pioneer Village, explore Toronto Food Tours by Chef Scott’s, and many more.

Do not forget to pay a visit to the annual Caribana Festival. A two-week celebration of the local Caribbean community. The festival’s highlight is their vast street parade, where dancers in dazzling costumes light up the city.

2. Vancouver — the most under-rated tourist destination

Vancouver beauty is truly a sight to behold. Vancouver is surrounded by the deep blue sea and snow-capped mountains. Vancouver is still holding a tag of “Most Beautiful Cities in the World,” including Forbes and Buzzfeed’s.

Vancouver caters to various interests throughout the year, and one can enjoy the outdoor adventure, gorgeous attractions, gourmet meals, world-class shopping, and many more.

Top places you should visit — Stanley Park, Granville Island, Grouse Mountain, Museum of Anthropology, Kitsilano Beach, Gas-town, Canada Place, English Bay, Capilano Suspension Bridge

3. Ottawa, Ontario — breathtaking Victorian architecture

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and home to numerous world-class museums and parliament buildings. One of the Ottawa must-visit places is Rideau Canal. In summer, the canal is filled with boats, and in winter, the entire canal is converted into the world’s largest outdoor skating rink. The Parliament buildings is another attraction which is located high above the Ottawa River, built in 1865.

Another on top visit list is — Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, the largest and oldest standing church in Ottawa. It is particularly famous for the interior mahogany carvings by Philippe Parizeau and figures of the four evangelists, prophets, and apostles by Louis-Philippe Hébert.

4. Quebec — winter wonderland

Quebec is known as a winter wonderland for a reason. Every year Quebec receives up to 13 feet of snow per and the average daily high in December to February is only up to 21 degrees. The annual Winter Carnival in Quebec City features winter adventures such as a sleigh race, giant ice sculptures, and even an extreme canoe race on a frozen lake. Every year, to celebrate one of the largest winter carnivals globally, Quebec attracts around one million people.

Old Quebec City is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ancient city offers a glimpse of how living in a reinforced city centuries ago was like.

Top attractions to visit — Maison de la littérature, Le Château de Frontenac, Montmorency Falls, explore a local sugar shack, Basilica de Notre-Dame, and many more.

5. Calgary, Alberta — Canada’s cowtown

Calgary in Alberta, Canada, is famously known as “cowtown.” The region has a long history as the centre of a vast cattle-rearing area. Each year in July, Calgary converted to all kinds of cowboy and rodeo-style entertainment — Calgary Stampede. The citizens and up to a million visitors dress alike — blue jeans and brightly coloured Stetsons become the order of the day.

Calgary Zoo is Canada’s largest and most visited zoological park. A 120-acre zoo on St. George’s Island in the Bow River. The zoo is home to over 1,000 animals representing some 272 species, including rare and endangered species and botanical gardens. Spring is always a great time to visit because the newborn animals lingering around make the place more fun.

Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey is one of the things you SHOULD NOT MISS. The award-winning, luxuriously, and privately owned Rocky Mountaineer rail tour runs between Calgary or Jasper and Vancouver on the historic Canadian Pacific line through the ascend mountain wall of the Rockies.

Other cities to visit — St. John’s, Newfoundland, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Whitehorse, Yukon, Banff, Alberta, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to expand the student’s perspective, but as well it helps them boost their employability. With globalisation, more employees are looking for candidates with extra skills and have international experience.

Human minds are stretched, the perceptions are challenged, and your perspective changes for good when you travel. The experience you gain while traveling defines your reality and shapes you into a different person every time you explore other places.


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