Best Places to Visit in France

Best Places to Visit in France – France attracts more than 50 million tourists before the pandemic covid-19 hit the world. In a major part of France, around 80% of the places are located countryside, which offers the most tranquil environment. France is home to 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites […]

Best Places to Visit in France – France attracts more than 50 million tourists before the pandemic covid-19 hit the world. In a major part of France, around 80% of the places are located countryside, which offers the most tranquil environment. France is home to 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is highly proud of its long-connected history. From the French Revolution to Napoleon and the two world wars, historical sites are the main attractions of people who love learning more about history.
France offers many things from pristine beaches, beautiful chateaux, churches, cathedrals, gorgeous river views, outstanding architecture, most delicious food and wine, home to Mona Lisa painting and Picasso Museum, and many more.
There are almost 50+ nooks and crannies to explore in France; we have listed 7 places you should not miss while studying in France.

1. Paris

For centuries, Paris has charmed visitors from the nooks and crannies of the world for its marvelous architecture, blue mists of views, the Latin quarter, lanes full of quaint boutiques, elegant cafes, and many more. The world’s fashion capital offers an extravaganza holiday, and every hidden corner flaunts the Bohemian vibes.
No visit is complete without hundreds of photoshoots at the Eiffel Tower. The iconic tower, which is the most visited architecture globally, was designed for the Paris Exhibition of 1889 by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, which marked the centenary of the French Revolution.
Another masterpiece in Paris is Louvre Museum. Truly one of the best places to visit in France, the museum itself is a home of over 35,000 artworks — from various exclusive antiquities to gorgeous European paintings of the 15th to 19th centuries; millions of tourists visiting the Louvre every year to glance at the famous painting of the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503–1505. Another attraction at the Louvre Museum is the glass pyramid that Ieoh Ming Pei designed in 1917, located in the museum’s courtyard.
The third most visit attraction is Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris which is currently under renovation after a major fire broke out in April 2019. The reopening of the Cathedral is expected to take place in 2024.
The fourth must-visit place on the list is Arc de Triomphe — dedicated to the soldiers who fought in the First Empire, the Napoleonic Wars.
The fifth most visited place is Disney Land. The huge amusement park is the wonderful world of Walt Disney’s imagination.
Finally, Seine River Cruises. A boat cruise with a gorgeous view along the Seine River, the most attractive way to soak up the enticing scenery of Paris.

Do miss the visit to bustling boulevards and legendary cafés — the ultimate Parisian people way to chill.

Other best places to explore in Paris: Avenue des Champs-Élysées, The Orsay Museum, the Palais Garnier Opera House, place de la Concorde, Musical Concerts at Sainte-Chapelle, Jardin du Luxembourg, Sacré-Coeur, and Quartier Montmartre, Panthéon, Place de Vosges, Place Vendome, Centre Pompidou, and many more.

2. The French Riviera — Côte d’Azur

The luxury charm of France lies in the French Riviera. Located at the southeast coast of the Provence and home to the world’s most gorgeous beaches, including — Nice, Monaco, Cannes, and Saint Tropez, which are famous among Hollywood celebrities. There are numerous places to explore in the French Riviera that satisfy your wanderlust.

Must visit places:

  • Menton — the beautiful untouched coastal village. Every year in February, the Menton town celebrates Lemon Festival, the most famous spring festival which you should not miss.
  • Antibes — the artistic history town filled with dramatic mansions and villas. The architecture here is a treat to the eyes. Antibes is also home of the Picasso Museum, formerly known as Château Grimaldi.
  • Nice — any trip to the French Riviera is incomplete without visiting the cozy nice town. The colorful and enchanting town offers panoramic beauty along with vibrant architecture.
  • Cannes — home to the world-famous International Film Festival, offers remarkable views and culture.
  • Èze — the well-preserved town of Èze is filled with twisting alleyways, 14th-century chapels, and the gorgeous dreamy Mediterranean backdrop make this tiny village for a visit.
  • Grasse — located in between Cannes and Nice, Grasse is a medieval village and the world’s perfume capital. In August, the town host the Jasmine Festival. A three-day celebration of the two flowers that dominated the local perfume — jasmine and Damascus rose.
  • Monaco — home to Monte Carlo Casino and luxury yachts, Monaco is one of the budget day trips anyone can go without breaking the bank. Do not miss visiting Prince’s Palace, Fort Antoine, and Monaco Cathedral.

3. Normandy

Normandy offers stunning sights that make you feel like in paradise. One of the most breathtaking towns still follows the rural lifestyle and has a unique blend of maritime traditions. So have a lazy time here, stroll down tranquil country lanes, try their local dishes, interact with the locals to listen to the historical time of the Normandy region.

The main highlight of sightseeing in Normandy is Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay, the picturesque area.

4. Reims

The art and history city Reims is one of the three towns of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Reims is home to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims, where French kings were crowned. The 13th Century Gothic Architecture building, the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims, is a gem you must visit if you love Gothic architecture.

5. Bordeaux

One of the largest cities by geographical area builds on the banks of the Garonne River since 300 BC. Referred to a little Paris and has a majorly English culture due to rule by Britishers for a long time. A pleasant and relaxed city to visit for a weekend getaway.

While visiting the Bordeaux region, do not miss visiting the old town — Saint-Pierre district. Visit Le Bar à Vin on Cours du 30 Juillet, have a wine, walk around the area, and make the evening special.

Best places to explore: Place de la Bourse, The Wine City, Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, Parc de Majolan, Quay Market, Bordeaux cathedral, Port of the Moon, Rue Sainte-Catherine, and Museum of Aquitaine.

6. The French Alps

The ultimate destination for nature lovers, The French Alps offers gorgeous mountains, pristine clear lakes, rushing waterfalls, and pristine forests. The French Alps is famous for its adventures. In summers — biking, hiking, and mountain climbing. While in winter — skiing and snowboarding.

7. Corsica Island

If you are Bollywood bluff, you must already know that movie Tamasha was shoot at Corsica Island of France territory. The island, which one knows for gang violence, has now transformed into the most visited place. So, for an adventure love — snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, or sea kayaking, are the perfect holiday package you can gift to yourself.

Do miss visiting the oldest fortified city of Corsica, which was built in the 9th century — The Bonifacio Citadel.

Final Thoughts

France is the most stunning place, and with the good public transportation, students can get huge discounts on tickets, free entry to museums, and many more. From cultural to forest, beaches, old towns, and many more, France has more off-the-beaten-path experiences, making the France study abroad experience memorable.
Issue highlight: Even though France promotes diverse culture, but there have been incidents that the France authorities are insensitive when it comes to the Muslim religion. The ban has been imposed in many places where they do not allow Muslim women or any other woman to wear a burkini (the full-body swimsuit). The tensions have grown high because of jihadi attacks history in France.
Please note: We are not against any religion or caste. Safety matters when it comes to travel abroad for study, work, or living. Even though France is one of the top picks among travelers or fashion students, awareness of political issues needs to be highlighted.

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