Abroad studies can become an important step in preparing students for their global future. Education is broader when they are exposed to new cultures, languages, and diverse outlooks. This is why choosing the right educational study abroad consultants becomes pivotal.

Comprehensive Counselling

A critical decision of one’s life would be to go abroad and pursue a career abroad. For any educational aspirants, Global Colliance provides essential counselling for pursuing a career because of studies abroad. The best counsellor for study abroad is located at Global Colliance and understands every student’s needs. They are all trained with the knowledge that enables any researching student to be comfortable and clear any doubts. Every expected requirement will provide students with the perfect form of Career Counselling for studying abroad. The end-to-end career counselling provides flexible, affordable, and accessible career guidance and plans which are the best suited to the specific student.

Of course, the process of admission to a particular university is dependent on the particular university. The choice of country is based upon one’s study choice and subject. The process is also dependant on the degree, and program one undertakes. Every university in the country mostly has a similar process of admission for international students. Our education system overseas will guide students in every step. For programs that start in the fall, applications are generally opened from early to the middle. For business schools, we offer study MBBS abroad educational consultants.

Countries require students to set very high standards for studying at the university, and students need to prove their proficiency in the English language by taking TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE. Proficiency tests like SAT – offered for Science, Mathematics, Literature, History, Foreign Languages, and English – and GRE, mostly tuned to law and business schools. Students are also often required to become proficient in languages beyond English such as French and German, in which case, they must sit for DELF, TCE-DAP, DSF, DALF, and TestDAF. Our best study abroad consultants offer students the best viable options and ideas to go for studies abroad.

Course Guidance and University-Selection
We at Global Colliance are here to provide students with career counselling options based on parameters that each student specifies. Feel free to talk about interests, the skills cultivated over time, education, and goals for the future. Please make us aware of personal and professional expectations and the things expected from this new life. As a study abroad consultant in UK, USA and Canada, we help students decide their tentative budget while also providing great options and suggestions. Come to know about the best course and universities that align with students’ careers and scholarships and financial assistance available from our overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad.

Tests are the essential requirements for providing career counselling for studies abroad. We offer training in tests like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT, and PTE. For doing so, we have curated small batches to ensure that every student gets the required attention. Our faculty also has a pre-designed set of materials for practice. The study abroad consultants in the UK organize mock tests to make students understand the test format they have chosen and the possible questions they may be asked. Of course, every test has its requirements, so our faculty members prepare one-on-one sessions to solve students’ doubts and understand their test programs.

Application and Documents
To study abroad, one needs documents for support and other papers like university and course applications. Our study abroad consultants in Vadodara understand the critical nature of flawless applications and documents that have been attached. Canada, the USA, UK, and Australia also need students to be carrying an SOP. This Statement of Purpose needs to be submitted along with documents and the application. The SOP essay states a student’s purpose when they apply to some country, for a university of choice and particular course. This SOP seeks to realize the student’s life as well as the motivation behind studying abroad. Students’ admission necessitates a perfectly composed SOP and getting it just right is an art. Our team at Global Colliance is here for that very reason, to help students pitch the right SOP.

Often, what prevents students from going abroad is an absurdly high fee, so we also focus on helping students secure funding. Acquiring the right amount of funding and managing debt are often the greatest hindrances that obstruct students and their families. In the last year, we have all been witnessing soaring tuition fees. Depending on the country of choice, one needs to get an extra amount to secure course materials, lodging, VISA, boarding, health insurance, and student service fees. Our financial expert team of Global Colliance is here to help students get all types of financial aid to stay stress-free. We help students with their scholarships, student education loans for studying abroad, and several options which suit one the best. Feel free to consult our study abroad consultants in Surat for financial advice.

Various universities interview students in several locations around the world. One can also arrange video interviews by fixing a time and a date. This interview is a chance to learn about you and your association in the future. This interview is most often a regular discussion about the contemporary scenario in which the students are placed, their future goals, and their reason for choosing the particular program. The interview serves to match students with the university to ascertain that both are suited for each other while also understand their ability to cope with different land and culture. This interview is intended to make sure students are placed in the right environment to excel in their studies and not simply frighten them. At Global Colliance, perform this very action, working with a team to help prepare students for a said interview while ensuring that they pass with great marks.

Visa-Assistance and Briefing before Arrival
Our high success rate of Global Colliance can help students fulfil their ambitions. Often, one may need to apply for this student visa immediately after securing an acceptance letter from the chosen university. Of course, every country has different criteria to ensure that students visit their land to study and nothing more. Many formalities and documents play a part in getting a student a VISA, and our experienced counsellors can provide expert advice.

We also hope to brief students before they finally depart. Our team can assist with the security, safety, and country protocol that a student needs to follow in a different land, secure health insurance for students, instruct them and perform a mock drill to maximize interactions with professors of the said university and alumni and peers. The students can also prepare a questionnaire to get rid of lingering doubts.

Assistance after Arrival
Our duty at Global Colliance does not end when the students arrive in their dream country, as our consultants keep in touch with them. From arranging airport pick-up facilities to looking after them at hostel facilities – our team provides many functions. Students are in safe hands, even if they need to extend their study permits. We at Global Colliance can also help with issues such as expiration of VISA, a continuance of same or some other course, and several other functions that students and their families would gladly welcome. Feel free to contact us to get to study abroad now!

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