Facts you do not know about Canada – Canada is one of the most pleasing and most delightful countries globally, with outstanding business opportunities for all fields. One of the interesting things about Canada that attracts many travelers and students to study abroad all these years is that Canada has political stability and is one of the safest countries to live globally.


According to the recent U.S. News article, Canada ranked as number one in the best country to live in and 4th safest country globally. Leaving no room for any doubt to pack the bags and leave for Canada!


There are many other reasons to choose Canada as your second home. Right from a multicultural country, amazing tourism, excellent healthcare, an education system, and many more. With all the fantastic qualities, it makes Canada home to numerous immigrants globally. However, there are certain things about Canada that might interest you, also you may not know!


Canada is embracing having the world’s longest coastline and six different time zones. Canada is such an incredible country, which makes way for many facts and unusualness’s. Even though there are many facts about Canada, but these are the top 18 Facts you do not know about Canada that might interest you:

  1. Canada has the fourth lowest population density globally despite being a vast country. Three people are living per square km. Also, almost half of the population in Canada were born in other countries.
  2. Canada is the highest producer of the world’s maple syrup; the USA comes second. 80% of the world’s maple syrup is made in Canada, and 91% is made in Quebec.
  3. Canada is the largest exporter of green lentils globally, accounting for over 80% of global exports, with 95% of them coming from Saskatchewan.
  4. Santa Claus is a Canadian Citizen. In fact, you can mail your letter in any language (including Braille) to — Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0, Canada, and Santa will send you a letter back! Yes, so far, 1.5 million got the reply.

Disclaimer: Not intended to hurt anyone. This fact is not to challenge or doubt anyone’s religion. Santa Claus is one of the legendary characters originating in Western Christian culture believed to bring gifts on Christmas Eve to well-behaved children, and either coal or nothing to naughty children.

  1. Canada is home to as many as 2 million lakes, the highest figure as the rest of the world, and the largest lakes in the world are found in the Northwest Territories — Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake.
  2. The SNOLAB is Canada’s (almost) secret underground laboratory, assigned to the study of solar neutrinos, dark matter, and other mysteries of Astrophysics.
  3. Basketball was initially invented by a Canadian. But Canada’s national sports are Hockey and lacrosse.
  4. Many of Canada’s national parks are more significant than other countries. Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta is larger than Denmark and Switzerland.
  5. Canada’s Manitoba has the largest group of snakes in the world. Around 70,000 snakes, especially red-sided garter snakes, usually emerge in May month because they come out of hibernation.

Disclaimer: Do not visit if you have ophidiophobia (fear of snakes). It is not for weak hearts.

  1. World’s First UFO Landing Pad is in Saint Paul, Alberta, built-in 1967, and is now open to the public.
  2. After Paris in France, Montreal is the world’s second-largest French-speaking city.
  3. Canada’s Wasaga beach is the longest freshwater beach globally, and Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world.
  4. Canadians like to finish a sentence with the word eh. There is no particular explanation for this, but they do.
  5. The name “Canada” comes from the word “Kanata” used by the Iroquois, a Native American tribe who lived in Quebec in the 16th century, which refers to a village. But due to the French explorers mistakenly took the word to mean the name of the whole area, not just the village.
  6. Residents of Churchill always leave their cars unlocked to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter Polar Bears. Yes! More free animals in Canada.
  7. One can drive straight across the country on the Trans-Canada Highway, which runs across 5 time zones and 10 provinces from Victoria, BC, to St. John’s, NF. Also, 3 ferry routes are a part of the highway as well.
  8. In addition to producing coins for Canada, The Royal Canadian Mint also generates currency for other countries, and 89 different countries get their coins from Canada.
  9. Out of 25,000 polar bears globally, Canada is home to 15,500 of them.


There are various fascinating things about Canada, and there are many more exciting facts beyond what is listed here. Are you interested in more facts about Canada? If yes, drop a comment below!

And we will get back to you with some unknown facts about Canada.



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