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Germany Student Visa

Germany offers student visas depending upon the study programme students opt in for. It is necessary to ensure that you apply for the right visa to have a hassle free Germany education experience.

When applying for a long-term student visa one must apply for a Germany National Visa (D Visa). Further Germany provides visas depending upon the circumstances of your study programme:

Language Course Visa

German Language courses lasting for 3 months to 1 year.

Prospective Student Visa

It is a temporary visa offered to students (validity is 3 months with extension to 6 months possible depending upon the case) waiting for their decision from the German University about their acceptance or if they need to appear for entrance examination at German Universities.

Student Visa

These are long-term study visas offered to students who have been accepted into German Universities. Later upon entering into Germany, students must visit the Alien Registration Office in the city where the student is residing within two weeks of their arrival.

Germany ranks among the top 5 in the world for the number of international students it hosts.

Germany has become a hub for technological developments hence students who wish to pursue into the technical and R&D space, higher education in Germany serves as the right platform to begin the journey.

Studying in Germany for international students has gained its popularity in recent times due to the biggest reason being that the education in the public universities is almost free across Germany without compromising the quality of education. The universities are well established, the degree from German Universities is globally recognised, and a lively student community. All of which helps you excel both academically and personally.

The German law mentions that education must be offered to everyone and that anyone should be able to afford adequate education.

Both local and international students exploring options for higher education in Germany must meet the necessary qualifications i.e. successful completion of grade 12 in their respective boards.

Tertiary education (higher education) in Germany mainly has three types of universities:

These Universities focus more on the theoretical approaches rather than the practical application. Basically these are research-driven universities. Students can pursue Bachelor’s, master’s, state examination, doctorate degrees.

These Universities focus on the practical application approach in their academic teachings. This gives students the opportunity to take part in research projects with companies, or work as an intern in these companies thereby providing students a more hands on approach. Even the professors at these universities have relevant practical experience of the industries and fields.

Often, the subject courses offered at these universities are technical subjects and engineering, media, economics, or social sciences. Certain courses, such as medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, dentistry, teaching, or law cannot be studied at these universities as they are not taught here. Majority of these universities only offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

At these colleges students are offered the opportunity to develop their artistic talent in various fields art, music, and film under the guidance from professional teachers and artists. Hence to secure admission into these colleges students have to showcase their artistic talent either in the form of a portfolio with sample work or take part in entrance examinations

Apart from these courses, these institutions also offer courses related to pedagogical or scientific, art-related subjects.

Universities are further split into Public universities and Private universities.

They usually do not charge tuition fees except for a small amount that goes towards administration fee at the start of the academic year since they are financed by the government. Germany has a higher number of public universities compared to the private universities.

Private universities are far more expensive compared to public universities as they are financed by the fees paid by the students.

In Germany winter session starts from September onwards and ends in February or March depending on the courses students enrol into. Winter intake session is the main intake session for universities in Germany because of the wide range of courses and degrees they offer during this intake.  

Some of the famous German universities that offer both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs during the winter intake are:

In Germany summer intake starts from April onwards and goes on till August end. Summer intake is also called the secondary intake in Germany. During summer intake only a few German universities offer courses and degrees with very limited openings. Hence the German summer intake is not very feasible for international students.

German Universities that offer summer intake programs in Germany are:

The requirement for admission into a German university is completely dependent upon the course you want to study.

However the general requirements being the same includes:

While applying for a student visa for Germany one must apply for his or her visa in person. To do so visit the nearest German Embassy Branch. The fees for Visa application amount to 75 EUR (which can be paid in INR at the time of processing). In addition to the application form, the applicant must provide certain documents to support their application:

The cost of studying and living in Germany is really affordable with the average cost of tuition varying from 0-3000 EUR per year. And the cost of living varies from around 800-1200 EUR per month on rent, food, and other expenses, but depending upon the city you reside in, accommodation type, as well as lifestyle the amount could vary from the known average.



Business and Management

Computer science






How To Get Your Visa

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Choose Your Visa

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Take Training

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Pay Visa Fee

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Get Your Visa

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Guiding on preparing for eligibility exams to visa assistance.

Canada has emerged as a top choice among Indian international students for a couple of decades due to several compelling factors, such as its welcoming environment, safest country to live and excellent education quality. Furthermore, the IELTS band requirement for Canada after 12 is 5.5 in each of the four sections — writing, reading, speaking, and listening — which makes more students opt for Canadian universities.

Here are some other key factors that make Canada an excellent choice for pursuing higher education:

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Scholarships

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation offers scholarships for outstanding researchers from all over the world to conduct research in Germany.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD): The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the largest German funding organisation for international students. They offer a variety of scholarship to study in Germany for Indian students.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

After graduating from a German university, students become eligible to work in Germany.

The job market in Germany is strong, and there are a number of industries that are hiring international graduates. The unemployment rate in Germany is low, and the average salary is high. Many international students find jobs in their field of study after graduation.

Some of the most popular industries for international students include:

  • Engineering

  • Business

  • Finance

  • Information technology

  • Medicine

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