Highest paying jobs in Ireland for IT Professionals in 2023

The IT sector in Ireland is flourishing; thus, there is a great need for proficient professionals. Besides impressive pay and perks, businesses also present competitive compensation packages, making Ireland a compelling option for global job seekers.

With numerous prospects for IT professionals in 2023, Ireland remains a promising country for technology and innovation. In the rapidly expanding technology industry, qualified IT professionals are in greater demand as technical expertise increases. The reason for the high demand for IT professionals in Ireland is due to the country’s positive economic growth and the increasing number of multinational companies operating there. The Irish government is also offering attractive incentives to encourage the development of the IT sector, making it an excellent place to work and invest.

Here are the top 11 highest-paying jobs in Ireland for IT professionals in 2023. As technology advances, these jobs will continue to be in high demand and will likely offer competitive salaries.

01. Information Systems Security Manager Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

It is the responsibility of Information Systems Security Managers to maintain policies and procedures for protecting computer networks and systems. This includes selecting, installing and using security software, data encryption programs, and firewalls. They also monitor, document, and research any security breaches to improve system security and set up emergency plans for lockdown and/or recovery of sensitive information.

According to the Payscale data, the average salary for an Information Systems Security Manager Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer in Ireland is around €78,310 per annum.

02. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer’s role entails broad development and operations knowledge, including coding, system administration, infrastructure management, and DevOps toolchains. They are considered IT generalists who work across company silos to establish a more collaborative environment. Along with technical expertise, DevOps engineers must also possess interpersonal skills to succeed in their roles.

A DevOps Engineer in Ireland earns an average salary of €80,232 per year, based on data posted on Indeed. As the demand for DevOps experts continues to increase in the coming years, salaries are also projected to keep rising.

03. Blockchain Engineer

The development of computer networks, data structures, and algorithms within companies is driven by Blockchain engineers with expertise in the field. Blockchain engineers are responsible for constructing digital blockchains that serve as business solutions. Their role extends beyond development and includes evaluating the company’s requirements and working with existing open-source technologies or creating new ones to address those needs.

Based on data posted on Talentup.io, the average salary for a Blockchain Engineer in Ireland is around €143,000 per annum.

04. Software Architects

Software architects are responsible for making high-level design decisions and defining technical standards. It may include tools, software coding standards, or platforms. Further, they consider relevant aspects such as functionality, performance, resilience, reuse, comprehensibility, scalability, security, technology constraints, and tradeoffs. Software architects must know business needs and technical capabilities to make informed decisions. They must also be able to anticipate future needs and consider potential risks to design a flexible and resilient system.

Based on data posted on Indeed, the average salary for a Software Architect in Ireland is around €99,757 per annum. As companies continue to develop and implement complex software systems, the demand for skilled Software Architects is expected to grow, potentially leading to salary increases in the coming years.

05. Data Scientist

An organization data scientist’s primary goal is to uncover valuable insights from data. It involves identifying data analytics problems that can provide the most significant benefits to the company, among other responsibilities. To ensure accurate and consistent data, large amounts of structured and unstructured data are gathered from various sources, then meticulously cleaned and validated.

Data scientists must then develop and apply algorithms and models to effectively analyze vast amounts of data to extract insights. Using this analysis, the data scientist can uncover potential solutions and opportunities by identifying patterns and trends. Finally, stakeholder decision-making is facilitated with clear, accessible findings presented to them.

A Data Scientist’s annual salary in Ireland is around €74,245, according to Indeed data. As the amount of data collected and processed by organizations continues to increase, the demand for skilled Data Scientists is expected to grow, potentially leading to salary increases in the future.

06. Development Operations Manager

A Development Operations (DevOps) Manager oversees software applications, tools, and infrastructure development and deployment. The DevOps manager integrates software development and information technology operations to enable organizations to build, test, and release high-quality software quickly and efficiently. In addition, DevOps Managers work to bridge the gap between software developers and IT operations teams to improve collaboration and communication between these departments.

Approximately €99,292 per annum is the average salary for a Data Scientist in Ireland based on employment data posted on Indeed. The salary can also vary depending on the skills and technologies in which the DevOps Manager is proficient.

07. IT Security Specialist

The IT security specialist has extensive knowledge and expertise in the information security realm and network security’s associated complexities. They comprehensively understand various cyber security threats and potential vulnerabilities that could impact their organization. The IT Security Specialist’s main aim is to strengthen security systems to eliminate vulnerabilities. The more adept a security specialist is at shielding against cyber threats, the more an organization can operate at maximum technological capacity.

According to Indeed data, IT Security Specialists in Ireland make an average salary of €69,352 per year. Larger companies such as finance, healthcare, and technology or companies with more complex and critical systems tend to offer higher salaries for IT security specialists.

08. Network Security Engineer

Network security engineers are responsible for planning, designing, optimizing, implementing, auditing, and troubleshooting the company’s security systems. They focus on protecting networks from potential virtual threats and bugs. Furthermore, they ensure that critical mishaps like hacker attacks and natural disasters can be effectively recovered from.

Based on data posted on Indeed, the average salary for an IT Security Specialist in Ireland is around €28,593 per annum. Network Security Engineers with more experience and advanced qualifications may earn higher salaries. In addition, the location also impacts the salary, with jobs in cities such as Dublin, Cork, and Galway typically offering higher salaries.

09. Data Warehouse Architect

Data architects utilize computer science and design skills to evaluate and analyze an organization’s data infrastructure, design databases for the future and implement solutions for storing and managing data to benefit the organization and its users. Their tasks usually involve examining the existing data architecture and ensuring the security of the databases.

In Ireland, an IT Security Specialist earns an average salary of €97,195 per year, based on data posted on Indeed.

10. Cloud Engineer

Our daily lives have been transformed by cloud technology in recent years. Everything is possible because of cloud technology, from everyday emails, music, streaming platforms, and storing data on your phone. However, cloud storage’s main aim for businesses is to simplify data storage, and backup enables on-demand software updates, allowing customers to access their information from various devices.

As a Cloud Engineer, your job will entail identifying and integrating public and private cloud computing services and solutions to increase the organization’s efficiency, security, and precision. In addition, you will also need to troubleshoot these applications when issues arise on cloud-based platforms for users.

The average annual salary of a Cloud Engineer in Ireland is approximate €78,136, according to Indeed.

11. Enterprise Architect

An Enterprise Architect is responsible for managing and looking after an organization’s IT networks and services. This includes overseeing the improvement and modernization of enterprise software, services, and hardware while staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

In order to update legacy systems, replace software and hardware, and determine which products or services will support business operations across multiple departments, Enterprise Architects must engage in strategic planning and critical thinking.

An IT Security Specialist in Ireland makes around €91,644 per year, based on data posted on Indeed.

Final Thoughts

In 2022, Ireland’s safety ratings improved significantly, becoming the third safest country in the world. This improvement significantly contributes to the country’s reputation and standing in the international community.

After the Brexit decision, Ireland has emerged as a desirable choice for individuals looking for employment opportunities in an English-speaking country. In addition, Ireland’s income tax system stands out for its unique features, such as employee social insurance contributions. Furthermore, Ireland’s tax rates are among the lowest globally, which attracts more individuals to work in Ireland.

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