Make Your Medical Study Abroad Dream a Reality – With the evolving lifestyle, novel diseases, viruses, and demand for advanced healthcare facilities, more doctors are needed every minute globally. As per The Telegraph, WHO projected by 2030, developing and under-developing countries will need around 14.5 million healthcare professionals.

The healthcare professionals demand is also increasing in many developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2028, employment for healthcare professionals globally is expected to grow 7–12%.

The medical profession is one of the critical disciplines in today’s world. A career in medicine is indeed rewarding financially, but more than that, it is a profession that impacts human life.

Medical study is a privilege to choose a career even if it is the most challenging career with competitive and lengthy degrees. It will challenge you to leave your comfort zone throughout the course and be humble all the time, even though it is frustrating sometimes. Studying medicine gives you an endless opportunity to learn, and possibilities are endless, which comes with a considerable responsibility and colossal empowerment to help people.

Medical studies abroad grant the students with international exposure — universities with world-class faculty, unmatched amenities, superior laboratories to practice, which makes them enjoy holistic experience which will cherish life-long.

Medicine Study in India VS Abroad

1. Study medical abroad is less expensive than medical colleges in India

Medical colleges in India cost around INR 45–50lakhs with an average expose and limited equipment. The high cost and limited supply in medical institutes led many Indian youth to want to study abroad where the fees are either lower or a little more with international standing practices.

2. Study abroad provides high quality of education and better infrastructure

As compared to Indian medical institutes, medical universities abroad have massive, advanced technology laboratories practice, the latest medical equipment, infinite amount of research and experiments.

International medical colleges are approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India) and qualify for FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) to get a medical license including medical practice license in India.

3. Students benefited from international exposure

Regardless of the course, study abroad is a fantastic experience, and students can learn about many things — culture, language, adapting to a new environment, overcome various challenges, and much more.

Study abroad medical school gives students exposure to numerous medical conditions and how to treat them with advanced technology. The USA is considered as the number one study abroad destination.

Eligibility criteria for study medical abroad

Students wishing to pursue study medical abroad need a minimum age criterion of 17 years and must complete 10+2 from a recognized education board. The student must have an average percentage of at least 50% in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Students need to qualify NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) to apply for study medicine abroad.

These are the essential requirements; every university has different needs.

Top Five Universities to Study Medicine in the UK:

Top Five Universities to Study medicine in the US:

Top Five Universities to Study Medicine in Canada:

Final Thoughts

Healthcare professionals are one of the highest-paid professions, but medical study demands a lot and needs an absolute commitment throughout the course and practice. Medical study requires a minimum of 5 years of studies, including the program’s various stages—longer for those who choose a specialization.

We at Global Colliance provide students who wish to study medicine abroad with numerous yet suitable options also offer unique study abroad schemes and place the students in the right university based on their education, skills, experiences, comforts, and career objectives. We at Global Colliance provide the students with 100% financial assistance to make sure students embark on studying abroad stress-free.

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