How to Avail Benefit of Education Abroad Scholarships in the UK University?

A famous island historic country, the United Kingdom (UK), birthplace of renowned poet Shakespeare and the classic rock band The Beatles. The United Kingdom is also home to the oldest famous Universities — the University of Oxford (founded in 1096), the University of Cambridge (founded in 1209), the University of Glasgow (founded in 1451), University of Edinburgh (founded in 1583), and many more.

The UK covers the entire island of Great Britain, which comprises England, Wales, Scotland, and the northern part of Ireland. The capital city London is a hub for the global leading financial, cultural and commercial.

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most sought-after destinations for study abroad. For every student, the prominent consideration is to choose a host country education abroad where they get a degree, and the qualification should be recognized globally. They get a chance to amplify the knowledge, skills connections, and critical thinking to boost their careers.

More than 300 universities in the UK offer unmatchable education, and the courses are basically shorter duration compared to other countries, which benefits in lower overall tuition fees and living costs. Many universities allow international students to work while studying, which is an added benefit.

Study abroad scholarship 2021 in the UK

Studying abroad in the UK is considered one of the magnificent opportunities to avail education from the world’s top university. However, this doesn’t come cheap. Numerous international students need financial aid to pursue higher education from top UK universities.

Scholarship is one of the financial aid that international students can apply for. Some of the best universities in the UK grant partial or full scholarships to study abroad in the UK. Simultaneously, some provide an added benefit covering partial or total living costs in the UK’s entire academic season.

Currently, there are five popular types of study abroad scholarship 2021 in the UK for International students:

  1. Gates Cambridge Scholarship — University of Cambridge, one of the oldest outstanding universities in the United Kingdom, offers the Gates Cambridge Scholarship to students who wish to enroll in full-time postgraduates study. Every year, the University of Cambridge offers 80-full cost scholarships to international students.
  2. The Commonwealth Scholarship — Since the first group of 175 scholars in 1960, there are over 27,000 plus students who have taken commonwealth scholarships in the UK to date. The commonwealth scholarship is designed especially for those who want to pursue a master’s study abroad in the UK. The students who are applying for this scholarship need to belong to developing Commonwealth countries. The scholarships are funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID).

The commonwealth scholarship is often rewarded to students enrolling in these subjects — Engineering and Technology, Theoretical and Applied Science, Agriculture, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Abroad education consultants have a list of the universities that are giving scholarships to international students. Interested students need to check with them.

  1. Rhodes Scholarships — Rhodes Scholarship is recognized as the oldest scholarship globally, established in 1902. The Rhodes Scholarship is granted to the postgraduate students who wish to study at the University of Oxford. Every year they selected 100 students worldwide. The scholarships cover the return airfare to the UK and the overall tuition fees.
  2. Global Research Scholarship by the University of Edinburgh — The University of Edinburgh offers 30 outsing international students for its Global Research Scholarships to pursue a Ph.D. Research Program at their university. The scholarship covers the entire field of study tuition fees for UK/EU graduate students.
  3. The UK Universities Scholarship — There are numerous reputed universities in the UK offering country-specific scholarships thru their external partners. The students who apply for the scholarships will be competing with their country students for the, not with international students. Other universities are offering scholarships based on the student’s study level.

List of top 15 best universities in the UK for Indian students:

  1. University of Oxford, England
  2. University of Cambridge, England
  3. Durham University, England
  4. Imperial College London, England
  5. University of York, England
  6. Trinity College, Wales
  7. Cardiff University, Wales
  8. University of Wales, Wales
  9. University of Glamorgan, Wales
  10. Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
  11. University of Ulster, Northern Ireland
  12. University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  13. University of Glasgow, Scotland
  14. Napier University, Scotland
  15. University of Dundee, Scotland

Final Thoughts

For ages, the United Kingdom universities hold one of the best reputations globally among international students for their oldest standing nest education tradition. Students can choose over 150,000 plus courses at universities across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland studying in the UK.

There are more than 500,000 students, from 180+ countries studying in the United Kingdom in 2019–2020. 18,000 plus Indian students were studying in the UK.

Many Indian students can gain work experience while studying and get a work permit after completing their studies. Indian students enrolling full-time courses in the United Kingdom are eligible for free medical treatment by NHS (National Health Service).

We, at Global Colliance, assist the students who wish to apply to study abroad in the UK to select courses and applicable scholarships. We have a dedicated team that will guide you with everything you need.

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