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Comprehensive Counselling

When you choose to get a career abroad, you make life one of the most critical decisions. For those who wish to study abroad, our team at Global Colliance provides Career Counselling for abroad studies. Our study abroad expert counselor understands each student’s needs and is trained with deep knowledge to make you comfortable and ask us any doubts you have. 

We make sure we check every requirement you are expecting, if not, we will provide you with the best Career counselling for abroad studies solution. Our-end-to end career counseling program will offer you affordable, flexible, and accessible career plans and guidance that are best suited to you. 


Admission Guidance

The admission process depends on the university and the country you have chosen. Most of the admission process also depends on the program and level of degree you will be undertaking. Generally, each university in the same country does have a similar admission process for international students. 

Our overseas education team will guide you in each step. Depending upon the university, in general, for programs starting in the fall (September/October), applications will be open from early in the year (January/February) until the middle of the year (June/July).


Test Guidance

Every country required students to set sufficiently high standards to study at their university. Indian students must prove their English-language proficiency by taking an English-language test such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE. Other proficiency tests, such as SAT (offered for Mathematics, Science, History, Literature, English, and Foreign Languages program) and GRE (offered majorly for business and law schools).

If the student has chosen a program that needs to get proficiency in a language other than English (French, German), they need to take DELF/DALF and TCF-DAP (French) or the DSF and TestDaF (German) test.


Course Guidance and University Selection

We are here to guide you and provide career counselling for abroad studies. Tell us about your interest, what skills you have, your education and future goal, personal or professional expectations, what things you are expecting while studying abroad, your tentative budget, and provide you with suggestions and great options. 

We will advise you on which course and university will best align with your career, available scholarships according to your interest, and the best possible financial assistance specially curated for you.


Test Preparation

At Global Colliance, we provide career counselling for abroad studies to our students and offer unparalleled training in IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, SAT, GMAT, and GRE test preparation. We have curated a small batch to ensure every student gets attention. Our faculty have designed a series of practice materials designs, mock tests to make the students understand the test format they have chosen and the types of test questions they may ask. Every test has different requirements. Thus, our faculties prepare one-to-one doubt-solving sessions to make sure students understand the test program.


Application and Documents

We will assist you in preparing the course and university applications as well as supporting documents needed as a part of your application. We at Global Colliance understand how critical a flawless application and each attached document should be. 

Countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, and the UK need an SOP (Statement of Purpose) of the student to be submitted and the application and documents. SOP is an essay stating the purpose of the student applying to a particular country in a picked university for a specific course. SOP seeks to understand the student’s life and the motivation behind study abroad. A well-written SOP is highly critical to a student’s admission. Thus our team of experts at Global Colliance knows well how to pitch the correct SOP. 


Financial Aid

At Global Colliance, we understand that one of the most critical concerns of prospective study abroad students is funding. Acquiring sufficient funding and managing debt is the biggest obstacle facing students and their families. In the past year, we all are witnessing a rise in tuition fees. Depending on the country you are choosing, you may need to get an extra amount for student services fees, course material expenses, board and lodging, visa, and health insurance.

At Global Colliance, we have a team of financial experts that will help you with all kinds of financial aid to ensure you stay stress-free. We help you with student scholarships, student education study abroad loans, and many other options that best suit you.


Interview coaching

Some universities abroad interview prospective students in various locations globally. There is also a possibility of a video interview with a prearranged time and date. 

The university interview is not meant to frighten students, but it is a chance for the university to learn about the students and their future association. The interview is generally a regular discussion about the students, their current scenario, future goals, why they choose a particular program at their university, etc. The interview means to understand the university that the student will be able to cope with the foreign land environment and excel in their studies.

We at Global Colliance are working with an expert team who will prepare the students for the interview and ensure they pass with flying colours.


Visa Assistance

Global Colliance has a high visa success rate that helps numerous Indian students full fill their dreams. In major cases, you need to apply for a student visa after receiving a letter of acceptance from your chosen university.

Every country has different criteria for a student visa to ensure the student’s purpose is to visit a country only for studies and nothing else. There are plenty of documents and formalities involved in the process of getting a student visa. Our experienced Visa Counsellors at Global Colliance have decades of experience to get the visa approved quickly without any difficulties.


Pre-Departure Briefing

Once the students get their student visas, they are eligible for the Global Colliance pre-departure briefing. Our team will help you with — the safety, security, and country protocol you need to follow while you are in a foreign land, health insurance for the students, brief instruction and mock drill on how to maximize interactions with the professors in the university, interaction with, alums and current students, and many more. 

We prepare you for everything right from how to cope up at the time of emergency, whom to contact, risk and safety alert, and many other things. The students can prepare a questionnaire and ask us anything they wish to ask.

Post Arrival Assistance

Global Colliance takes care of the students even after they have landed in a foreign land. Once our students reach the destination country, our consultants keep in touch with them and offer them possible assistance. We keep a constant check on them. From arranging a pick-up facility at the airport to look after the lodging or hostel facility of them and many other details that students need. 

Our expert counsellors provide the students with a list of available resources to maximize their experience, and the students should feel at home. That’s one of the extraordinary services Global Colliance is offering for the students. We are committed to ensuring that you are in safe hands, and we will be available for you whenever you need us. 


Extending your Study Permits from Abroad

There is a time when the student is comfortable in a foreign land and wishes to study more or, due to some unavoidable circumstance, had to take a break from studies and re-join the program after some time. Students get a student visa up to the validation of their course. In this case, they need to extend their study permit. The student needs to apply 90 days in advance of the study visa expiration. The student visa extension application must be submitted electronically unless otherwise specified.

At Global Colliance, we assist our students in extending their study permit visa from abroad with the same course or alternate course the student wishes to join with either the same or different university in the same country. 

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