With more than 409 higher education institutions across the country, Germany provides each student with the possibility to choose more than 14,500-degree programmes. German universities and their professional academic staff offer high quality and up to date education in Engineering, Medicine, Science and Economics. 11 out of the 16 states in Germany have no tuition fees at all, while some states require a maximum of only $500 per year. The cost of living on average is around $700-800 including rent, food, transport, health insurance, telephone/internet, study materials and leisure activities. Besides studying, you have the chance to live and explore one of the world’s most developed countries and its unique culture, history, and landscape. While you will study as an international student, enjoy a beer at Oktoberfest, eat a tasty Würst sausage in Frankfurt or watch a Bayern soccer game, you will have an unforgettable experience in Germany.