Seven Free and Useful Apps Might Aid in Studying in the UK in 2022

There is more to you than just being a student. We have selected a wide array of unmissable apps for your iPad and Phones, so you'll be all-knowing, never forgetting, and fully prepared every time. Your uber-mecha student status is well deserved.

As a result of technological advancements, humanity has flourished to what it is today, and we do not doubt that there will be more to come. Every setting and every place is affected by technology. Our lives are surrounded by it from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep. Almost every aspect of our lives is surrounded by technology.

Our lives are so dependent on technology that it supports us in all aspects, including our academic lives and especially when studying abroad. Here are some dazzling technology “helpers” that will be useful throughout your time studying in the UK.

1. The University App

Undoubtedly, the university portal is the most helpful digital resource for students. In addition to guiding you from your first year to graduation, the university app connects you to your alma mater.

2. Safety

Safety apps can help you stay safe in emergencies, perhaps their most obvious benefit. An application that provides safety information and can locate the nearest hospital or police station enables you to save time and energy. Here are the top four Safety apps you should download while studying in the UK:

– NHS Student Health
The National Health Service is dedicated to student’s health in the UK. Besides routine services like registering with a doctor, it provides counselling and guidance for finding healthcare services. This app gives students advice on topics like mental pressure, depression, anxiety, and alcohol consumption.

With Safe Zone, students and staff have access to the university’s security team as well as the police department. You can access it 24 hours a day and receive assistance with various personal safety situations on campus. SafeGuarding’s officers respond within seconds of a request thanks to the service’s real-time nature.

The buttons in the Safe Zone are designated for First Aid, Enquiries, and Emergencies.

– My Safetipin
The Safetipin organisation is a social organisation focused on ensuring community safety. In addition to promoting safety in public places, it also aims to make them more inclusive for women. Using their app, students can analyse and coordinate their mobility and generate safety scores based on their location.

– The UrSafe App
Next-generation UrSafe is a voice-activated personal safety app that integrates 911 emergency response within a geo-located app. In addition, you can share your location in real-time with your friends and family. With online cyber security protection and support for cases such as home invasions, it is undoubtedly a sophisticated and unique technology that helps users in emergencies and even dangerous circumstances.

3. Travelling

Organizing trips by yourself used to be a challenge only brave hearts would take on. It was a time when travel agencies were flourishing. Their services included everything from booking a hotel to finding a flight.

After that, we began to see a shift. With smartphones, people are now able to take complete control of their itinerary, but this time with ease and comfort. Mobile travel applications are still in high demand today.

Customers can interact with mobile travel apps in a personalised and value-added way, revolutionising the tourism industry. Travel mobile apps are increasingly being used for vacation planning and research. People no longer need to rely on maps, guidebooks, and compasses for traveling with developed travel applications.

Despite the multitude of travel apps available on mobile devices, here are the top 4 travel apps students must have while studying in the UK.

– Trainline
Multiple train lines are available in the UK, so you can reach other regions quickly, cheaply, and comfortably.

The train is a very convenient way of getting around the country, whether you want to visit friends, take vacations, or simply explore. Using Trainline, you can find routes and access accessible prices, allowing you to book and travel in quality.

– Ryanair
Ryanair offers low-cost flights from the United Kingdom to other European countries for €9,99 one way.

With Ryanair’s super accessible flight offers, it’s easy to explore the rest of the continent while studying in the UK. The best part is that you can plan your vacation confidently, knowing that you can get to your destination quickly and cheaply.

– Viator
As the world’s largest provider of travel experiences and activities, Viator is a TripAdvisor company. Whether you’re travelling through the UK or another European country, this is the perfect option for you.

– Uber
Uber is frequently referred to as the most convenient option for day-to-day transportation. Uber’s flexibility and game-changing cost-effectiveness make it an essential resource for students and the entire community.

In spite of the fact that it is free to book and cashless to pay, it still costs somewhat more than bus and train tickets. While it may not be the top option, its readiness and rapidity make it an excellent choice.

4. Groupon

The development of well-being and a healthy routine requires some personal care activities while studying. In addition to beauty treatments and skin care sets, Groupon offers affordable personal care products. Your university town may also offer discounts on local services like gyms or restaurants through Groupon.

5. The Student Room

There is no better place to find support than the Student Room. Hundreds of articles and guides cover everything you could possibly imagine about the student lifestyle, including student jobs. In addition, unlike many other student websites, they offer excellent forums for chatting with like-minded people. You can find answers to your questions, de-stress, and feel welcome among like-minded people. There is no other place where you can find advice, like in the Student Room forums.

6. Dialect Blog

It is common for students in the UK to have to adapt to the British accent, but it isn’t the only lingo they must learn. There are over 40 dialects in the UK, many of them different from one another and with different compositions. In the absence of the right tools, the Dialect Blog can simplify the process.

In addition to showing you how to deal with the different British and Irish accents, it also covers pronunciation aspects and other factors that will help you succeed.

7. Study Apps

Apps for educational learning are designed to engage students and make learning enjoyable. A learning app is a powerful tool for enhancing knowledge, tailoring learning experiences, improving engagement, providing access to online resources, facilitating communication, and, most importantly, enabling remote access to learners.

Here are the most useful study apps for students while studying in the UK:

– Notion
It is everyone’s precious goal to live a well-organised life; we like everything to be ready and organised so that we can fulfil our goals; therefore, Notion provides this element, as well as many other features. A variety of tools are available in this versatile app, including note-taking, calendar creation, and project management.

– Office Lens
Time is gold at university, especially in daily classes. As students, we need to absorb as much as possible from the tutor during class to develop the maximum knowledge. Therefore, it can be difficult to get things written while also managing your focus during lectures. Here, Office Lens comes into play, capable of cropping out diagrams even when you are on the edge of a room. The app will take care of the other tasks for you while you concentrate on the lecture.

– Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is the most widely used app in universities, along with Google Drive. Studying wouldn’t be possible without Word, PowerPoint, or Excel statistics features.

With this app, you can access the whole package anywhere you are if you save the files to the cloud. These tools are widely known for getting work done; with this app, you can have access to them from anywhere. You can edit or re-edit in emergencies when your work needs to be adjusted.

– Mathway
Mathway is a lifesaver app because it provides detailed resolutions to math problems, allowing students to grasp different methods. Mathway can handle all types of equations, from simple to complex. It takes just a few keystrokes to solve your math problem.

Final Thoughts

The transition to a new environment can only be challenging with the necessary auxiliary tools. In light of this, why take advantage of the free assistance developed by technology and present it to the community to meet those needs?

We at Global Colliance believe that studying abroad develops students into global leaders and adventurers, and we want more of you to do it. In addition to IELTS/TOEFL and other foreign languages, including French and German, we provide one-to-one consulting for students selecting the appropriate college/university based on their education/work experience.

Visit us at and get answers to all your study abroad-related queries.

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