Top Career Opportunities in Canada

To continue working in Canada after graduation, the student will need a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). Canadian students may also qualify for permanent residence. Numerous job openings exist in Canadian provinces and territories.

A lot of changes were brought about by the pandemic in terms of studies and business processes. After spending handsome amounts on a bachelor’s or a graduate degree, students who decide to study abroad want to know that they will have a job at the end of a long, demanding course of study.

The fact that certain occupations are consistently ranked among the most in-demand in Canada usually makes establishing a career path in these sectors easier. There are many factors to consider when applying for one of the best jobs in Canada, including the university, field, and career path you wish to pursue.

The following are the top 10 career opportunities in Canada that are in high demand:

1. Data Scientist

Data scientists help organizations make better decisions by understanding and explaining phenomena around them.

To perform robust analytics, data scientists build a solid data foundation. Among other methods, they use online experiments to achieve sustainable growth. Last but not least, they develop machine learning pipelines and personalized data products to understand their business and customers better. Tech data science aims to build infrastructure, test it, use machine learning to make decisions, and create data products.

Math and statistics are essential skills for data scientists. Having a natural curiosity and the ability to think creatively and critically is also critical.

The average income of data scientists in Canada is higher than that of most other countries. Data science degrees are in high demand and offer diverse career opportunities.

According to Canada Indeed, the average salary per annum salary for a Data Scientist is CAD 85,331

2. Construction Manager

In your role as a construction manager or site manager, you will be responsible for ensuring the safety of construction workers while staying within the agreed-on budget and timeframe. You will plan and deliver every aspect of the project by working closely with architects, surveyors, and other building professionals.

On a construction site, you will supervise and direct all tradespeople and contractors and ensure that progress is made according to an agreed plan. Managing a large-scale complex project may involve overseeing a whole site.

Construction Managers in Canada earn an average salary of CAD 74,632 per year, according to Canada Indeed.

3. Project Manager

A Project Manager’s responsibility is to organize, plan, and execute a project within the constraints of budgets and schedules. They inspire a sense of shared purpose within the project team by making goals their own and using their expertise and skills to achieve them.

Project managers lead teams, goals are defined, stakeholders are communicated with, and a project is managed to completion. Every project manager plays a vital role in its success or failure, whether launching a new product, launching a marketing campaign, or building a building. Organizing adrenaline and taking responsibility for driving results are their favorite aspects of their job.

As per Canada Indeed, the average per annum salary for a Project Manager in Canada is CAD 79,713

4. Information Technology Specialist

There will never be enough IT specialists in a world dominated by technology. Software developers, database administrators, network and security engineers, and developers can earn IT certifications in various fields. IT specialists can meet major business’s technical needs.

IT specialists are responsible for implementing, monitoring, and maintaining IT systems. IT support specialists have many job descriptions ranging from network analysis and system administration to auditing, database management, and web administration.

An IT Specialist in Canada receives an average annual salary of CAD 86,463 according to Canada Indeed.

5. Biomedical Engineer

A range of innovations has come from engineering, including everything from automobiles to aerospace, skyscrapers to sonar. Researchers in the field of Biomedical Engineering are working on solutions to problems in biology and medicine. Medical devices that are implanted into patients, like pacemakers and artificial hips, perform diagnosis, analysis, treatment, and recovery. The use of futuristic technologies, such as stem cell engineering and 3D printing biological organs, has brought these topics to the forefront of public awareness of Biomedical Engineers.

Engineers in Biomedical Engineering are deeply knowledgeable about modern biological principles rather than other engineering disciplines that impact human health. Thus, Biomedical Engineering aims to improve health care and health outcomes for all people.

Biomedical Engineers in Canada earn an average annual salary of CAD 70,333, according to Canada Indeed.

6. Full Stack Web Developer and Software Developer

Full-stack developers develop websites and web apps from the back end to the front end. Their responsibilities include database management, client relationships, system engineering, and design. Due to their mastery of web development and skills, full-stack developers are in high demand. Also, full-stack developers are highly paid for because of this huge demand.

Web developers, native, and mobile app developers are full-stack developers. The full stack developer oversees the plan of action and keeps track of the project’s progress since they participate in server-side and client-side development. Their work also involves assisting other developers, such as backend and front-end developers. Their ability to manage multiple tasks at once enhances the team’s productivity.

In contrast to full stack developers, software developers work on software or native apps we use every day. In addition to building the system, a software developer coordinates with other team members.

Canadian Indeed reports an average salary of CAD 85,010 per annum for Software Developers and CAD 88,587 per annum for Full Stack Web Developers.

7. Financial Controller

Financial controllers serve as the company’s chief accountants. Their duties include overseeing accounting activities and ensuring that ledgers accurately reflect money coming into and leaving the business. As the company’s accountants, strategic controllers also make decisions, forecasts, and budgets based on accounting information. Financial Controllers play different roles depending on the size of the company.

Canada Indeed reports a CAD 84,509 annual salary for a Financial Controller.

8. Marketing Director

Managing a company’s brand and image is the responsibility of a Marketing Director. Furthermore, they prepare annual marketing plans & budgets, as well as conduct intense market research.

Keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and sifting through marketing data is crucial for a marketing director. The Marketing Director is also responsible for overseeing social media strategy and implementation.

Marketing Directors in Canada earn an average annual salary of CAD 97,412 according to Canada Indeed.

9. Business Development Manager

Business Development Managers (BDMs) play a crucial role in helping a company grow by generating new revenue. A BDM’s primary goal is to identify new business opportunities — how this is achieved will depend on the company’s specific nature. Planning, project management, and negotiation are among the skills needed in the business development role.

Identifying opportunities for the organization’s products and services in target markets is the responsibility of BDMs. A BDM’s commitment also extends to keeping up with industry trends, as well as competitive market positioning.

Someone who enjoys working with people is outgoing, and is interested in sales strategies is suited for a career as a Business Development Manager.

A Business Development Manager in Canada earns an average salary of CAD 71,352 per annum, according to Canada Indeed.

10. Plant Manager

A Plant Manager oversees the daily operations of a manufacturing plant, as well as other similar organizations. To ensure the plant runs efficiently, quickly, safely, and smoothly, it is their responsibility to oversee efficiency and production.

Plant Managers may be responsible for running entire locations in some cases. Workers will be assigned, work schedules will be developed, production schedules will be created, and skilled employees will be hired and trained by Plant Managers to maintain optimal productivity.

In addition, plant managers are responsible for collecting and analyzing relevant data to identify waste and improvement opportunities. Furthermore, they are liable for ensuring the safety of the production equipment, monitoring it to ensure it is in optimal working condition, and repairing or replacing it when necessary.

As a plant manager, you are constantly in contact with other departments to ensure everything runs smoothly.

According to Canada Indeed, Plant Managers in Canada earn an average salary of CAD 100,816 per year.

Final Thoughts

An international student visa is valid for 90 days after the degree is completed. It is important for international students planning to stay in Canada to take advantage of this time period in order to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit and find high-paying jobs in Canada. The Immigration Department gives international students 180 days after the release of their final grades to apply for this permit. In addition, if you need more time to find a job, you can apply for a visitor record.

International students globally are drawn to Canada’s numerous courses. Canada has emerged as one of the most desirable studies abroad destinations due to its top-ranked universities and many study options, from certificate courses to undergraduate and graduate degrees. Global Colliance offers more than 100 courses at top Canadian universities. In obtaining admission to different international universities, we have proven ourselves to be a time-tested resource for students with overseas education expertise.

Visit us at www.globalcolliance.com and get answers to all your study abroad-related queries.

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