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To study in the USA, an international student must be allocated the F-1 or the J-1 or the M1
student visa by the US government. Knowing which visa to apply for is essential before you
enter the country.

F-1 Visa

The F-1 visa is the most commonly issued visa issued for international students applying to study full-time in a recognized USA university or college. Technically anyone opting in for Bachelors or Masters program will have a 18 hours per week course load. Therefore he/she must apply for an F-1 US student visa. It also allows the student to work part-time jobs both on and off-campus as well as Optional Practical Training (OPT) for a year.

J-1 Visa

The J-1 visa is generally offered in the case where one is participating in the
Exchange Visitor Program in the USA. It is a short term visa offered for only the period the exchange study program is valid till.

M-1 Visa

The M1 visa is offered in the case where the student is participating in Vocational
or non-academic study programs. The applicant who has this visa will not be able to work part-time in the USA both on or off-campus.

Everyone has their own reason to choose the USA for higher studies but the charm of
studying in the USA remains the same. USA is home to 17 institutes out of the major top 50
universities in the world. The degrees awarded from these institutions have worldwide
recognition along with the quality of education which is considered to be the best globally.
Few other aspects to consider when applying for higher studies in USA:

Career Opportunities

US universities and colleges help students secure an internship that allows them to gain market experience and receive certificates which are recognised globally and boost career opportunities.
Even the professors at the universities and colleges are available for discussions and debates which can prove to be resourceful for a lot of students. This will help you gain valuable advice as well as correct career counselling.
Often career fairs and seminars are conducted where guest speakers from well established firms come to visit. This helps students further build connections for your professional

Job Opportunities

Upon completion of your degree, the US government legally allows students to work in the US in your related field for about a year. One needs to apply for Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization (OPT). Most of the time international students are offered full time jobs in the company that hires them during their OPT period by having their H1-B or work visa sponsored. Once you are granted a H1-B visa, you are allowed to work on US soil without returning to your home country.

Commitment to Excellence

The best institutions in the US offer admission only to the best students from across the world, where they receive a top-notch education from a faculty that has undergone extensive training.

Flexible Education System

In comparison to the Indian Education system, the US is more flexible when it comes to choosing courses students wish to study. No longer there is the need for you to complete pointless coursework in order to specialise in the field of your choosing. Additionally, certain courses are offered more than once during the academic year, which gives you the freedom to select a class whenever you want to within that time period.

Financial Support

Most universities have provisions in place to help students with daily expenses as well as tuition fees in some cases by offering loans, grants, and stipends. There are many American Scholarship for Indian Students offered regularly. Additionally, university assistantship is provided to students on the basis of merit rather than financial need. Hence if students can prove their excellence in academics, then their US education can turn out to be free.

Cultural Diversity

USA is home to people from distinct cultures and customs. This offers you an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and getting to know them could definitely offer you collaboration experience that employers desire in an increasingly interconnected world.

The higher education system in USA offers different qualifications namely:

Associate’s Degree

In the USA, after Grade 12 completion students can apply to community colleges that offer an Associate’s Degree (2 years duration) which is equivalent to a Diploma Course. After completion of which, students can then apply to another USA college or university and study for 2 more years to earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

Bachelor’s Degree

Students can enroll into full-time Under-Graduate study programs in USA colleges or universities. These Degrees include core-courses, majors, minors, and electives offered over the duration of 4 years. Universities and colleges have their own list of courses in which students can choose their major to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Master’s Degree

Post Graduate degree programs are generally for the duration of 2-3 years, upon completion of which student receives a Master’s Degree certificate. International students before applying for a Master's Degree program need to appear for the GRE or GMAT exam if required to meet the necessary qualifications.

Doctoral Degree

A Doctorate or PhD degree is the highest type of US college degree offered. The degree is supervised by a faculty advisor. And upon successful completion of the thesis and successfully defending it in front of the panel of faculty members at your university one is awarded this degree. It generally takes 5 to 8 years to omplete this degree successfully.
Further students can decide where to study from between Public Universities, Community Colleges, Private Universities and Ivy Leagues.

Public Universities

Each of the 50 states in the USA has at least one public university and public college. These universities and colleges are state funded institutions. Which makes them all not-for-profit organisations, financially supported by Public Taxes. These universities offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate courses. All of the degrees offered vary in field of study.

Private Universities

These Universities are not state funded and are run by private groups or organisations. Their tuition fees are higher than state universities and community colleges. Even the top Ivy League schools are all private.

Community Colleges

Community colleges in the USA offer a two-year Associate's Degree. These colleges offer admission to students with High School Diploma or GED certification at low tuition prices. Community colleges offer academic, technical, and vocational degrees. Provide certificates, diplomas and associate degrees. Some community colleges have pre-existing automatic enrollment agreements with a local 4-year college or university where the community colleges allow students to complete the first two years at their institute and the last two years at the university. Such programs are called 2+2 programs. This helps students transition their Diploma or Associate’s Degree into a Bachelor’s Degree.

Ivy Leagues

They are among the oldest American institutions, most reputed and famous rivate universities in the USA. Which is one of the main appealing reasons why to study in USA. Being amongst the best and the brightest students offers one global exposure and a platform to ensure the best future one can ask for. All of them are located in the northeast region of the USA. The tuition fees at these private schools are among the highest in the country. Being the most perceived place to study in the world the admission process is highly competitive. The eight historic universities are The University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, and Columbia University.

Fall intake is the most preferred intake session for most universities and colleges in the USA. The fall intake session goes from August to December.

Spring intake is from January to April. It offers opportunity to those students who are unable to enrol into Fall intake.

Summer intake is from May to August. Courses are offered for two months each from May to June and from July to August. The courses available during the summerintake are often limited. For the summer intake universities in usa offer a limited number of courses.

When applying to universities in the USA certain documents must be provided along with the university or college application. Note these are the primary documents that one must provide for smooth application processing. Apart from this university or college may ask for additional documents on a case to case basis.

The average cost of studying in the USA is around 48000 USD. However, it’s important to note that the actual tuition fee amount may vary depending on the chosen program, university, and state and amount of scholarship students may receive. 

While the average cost of living comes to around 15000-18000 USD per annum. This number varies depending upon the type of accommodation and the state one wishes to reside in.

Computers and Artificial Intelligence



Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering



Physiotherapy/Kinesiology/Exercise Science

Health Science



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Guiding on preparing for eligibility exams to visa assistance.

Canada has emerged as a top choice among Indian international students for a couple of decades due to several compelling factors, such as its welcoming environment, safest country to live and excellent education quality. Furthermore, the IELTS band requirement for Canada after 12 is 5.5 in each of the four sections — writing, reading, speaking, and listening — which makes more students opt for Canadian universities.

Here are some other key factors that make Canada an excellent choice for pursuing higher education:

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

Humphrey Fellowship Program

Graduate Scholarships

AAUW International Fellowships

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

Early Birds Scholarship

Upon graduation, students can legally pursue work in the US related to their field of education for about a year. Graduates need to apply for an Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization (OPT). Frequently it happens that international students get hired by the company they work for thereby getting sponsored for a H1-B visa or work visa. Once international graduates secure a H1-B work visa which is usually granted by the employers that are hiring in specialty areas such as software, engineering, accountancy, teaching, or marketing. Upon receiving the H1-B visa, a person is allowed to work in the US without returning to your home country. 

How Global Colliance Can Help You To Study In USA?

As a student, being tasked with making the best decision for your career can be difficult, with little to no idea of how to proceed. We at Global Colliance understand this struggle faced by the students. Hence we have made it our mission to help guide students on their journey to success.
With the USA being home to more than 4000 higher education institutions it can prove to be challenging to determine the best university or college that meets an individual’s needs. We perform a profile evaluation of the student by asking them questions like why study in USA, which state they want to study in, their degree & course plan and lastly their budget. Furtherwe offer help with university and college application, Statement of Purpose (SOP) Guidance, visa application and interview preparation.
We have direct tie-ups with many institutions across the USA.
Our services are tailored to the individual needs of each student, so that we can help students make the most of their educational journey.  

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